Probably This Week (September 20, 2019)

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Hi it’s Beau! Let’s talk about this absolute whirlwind of a week, okay?

We laid to rest my grandmother, which was obviously incredibly sad but also definitely one of those situations where it was her time and she’s better off now. She plays a big role in a lot of my early childhood memories—often involving her Italian-American cooking, cozy celebrations at her house, and impeccable sense of style. She taught me if you mix one part dry vermouth with one part sweet vermouth and add ice, you have a drink that is actually kind of tasty and that you can sip on all night without getting drunk. But if getting drunk was your goal, she probably wouldn’t judge you.

She had a sharp tongue like me, but she knew when to use it, which is something I’m still learning. And when I showed up to the 2013 Christmas party with Matt on my arm—which was an admittedly reckless way of coming out to my extended family—she did the best she could to make us feel comfortable.

Though she had absolutely no clue what a blog is, she always asked me how it was going, to which I always just replied “good!” because I didn’t know how to explain to a 90 year old woman what a sponsored brand deal was or why I’d just spent a week touring restaurants in Jerusalem. She was always happy it was going “good!”

These past few days, between decades-old memories of searching through her house for nickels to use in the slot machine she had out back (yes really) and more recent memories of visiting her in hospice where she’d ask about each of my siblings and Matt, I’ve come to fully realize the amount of respect I have for her—the daughter born to Sicilian immigrants in 1926, who aided in opening and maintaining multiple family businesses, watched after dozens of children and their kids and then their kids, and served as the backbone that kept my big family upright.

I hope I can emulate her strengths in my own life.

Whew. Okay, so like I said it’s been a whirlwind of a week.

We also had a day and a half in New York to attend our first ever New York Fashion Week event, which was a big bald party put on by Schick. There were many many bald people and Matt got his head shaved in front of dozens of cameras. While we were there we got a tin-type photo taken, which is one of those old photo methods where you have to be really still and then the photo gets developed on a piece of metal. It’s my new favorite photo of us, to be honest, and I think we’ll get it framed. Thirty six hours in New York wasn’t really enough time to do anything other than attend the event and see a couple friends, but it was a successful work trip and a nice little break from the heat.

Other than that, we’ve finalized the last few item concepts for the Fall 2019 Probably This Collection and are ready to start ordering our first few product batches! We’re hoping to have the fall shop open for business sometime in late October, but more on that to come. Thank you to everyone who has supported the last two collections—I think this next one is going to be our best yet :)

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First: For anyone who has EVER said to us “y’all have a lot of plants!!” ohhh do I have something for you: What It’s Like to Live in a NYC Apartment with 1,100 Plants (via Bustle). Boo boo, we just call that a jungle.

Second: If you read this weekly newsletter often, you probably know I can’t resist a good long-form article about internet culture and it’s role in both society at large and personal identity. This time, from the perspective of someone who started a fashion blog at 11 years old and by 18 had created one of the most popular teen lifestyle magazines of the decade. Now she’s 23(ish) and not entirely sure of what her existence would look like without good ol’ Instagram. Ah, introspection. Who Would I Be Without Instagram (via The Cut)

Then: As someone who has both no job and also many many jobs all at once, traditional office culture has always kind of fascinated me, because I’ve literally never experienced it and also because I happened to really enjoy the 1999 work place comedy Office Space. So I’m considering this piece in the New York Times a true masterpiece—an interactive 7-part analysis of office culture that covers topics like workplace behavior, why office socializing feels like work itself, and the essential art of office chit-chat. Complete with graphics and audio and personal stories and everything. Wowza! The Office: An In Depth Analysis of Workplace User Behavior (via the New York Times)

And also: Bon Appetit has released its annual line up of the ten best new restaurants, and one of our favorites in New Orleans made the list! Congratulations to our friends at the Elysian Bar :) The Hot Ten: America’s Best New Restaurants 2019 (via Bon Appetit)

Finally: From our own blog archives, this is what you should be making and drinking this fall season. All of the flavors of fall, including bourbon, allspice, maple, and a little apple garnish. Also peep how bad we looked three years ago  The “Fall Down” Cocktail via Probably This

Thanks for reading this week’s updates! As always, if you have any questions, comments, sweet nothings, etc, please shoot us over a response :)

xoxo Beau & Matt

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