How to: Help Support Animal Shelters During Disaster Preparedness Month

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This post is in partnership with Hill’s Pet Nutrition. As always, all opinions are our own.

You know how there’s like a day/week/month theme for everything? Like, National Margarita Day and No Shave November? Well, September is National Preparedness Month—which is arguably the scariest theme ever—but also one of the most important! 

National Preparedness Month is all about having your disaster plan together before a disaster strikes. We’ve been through several hurricanes, and it’s always one of those things that comes as a surprise (like a really not fun, awful, terrible surprise). Which is why the whole ‘preparing’ part is important.

During times of disaster, Hill’s supports shelter animals with their Disaster Relief Network (an extension of their Food, Shelter & Love Program--which has helped more than 10 million shelter pets find new homes since 2002) to provide free food to shelters. The number of pets needing placement in shelters often increases dramatically during and after hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes, etc, which puts a strain on shelter resources. Hill’s is committed to aiding shelters, and all those furry friends, during difficult times. Which we think is amazing.

Sometimes we start to talk about what Fox’s life might have been like before we adopted him, but then we get all sad and freaked out and stop talking about it. BUT, if he did spend a large portion of his early life in a shelter, it feels good knowing that Hill’s initiatives would have potentially been there to help him out. 

So now that I’m done ugly crying.

If you want to support these initiatives, shopping Hill’s Pet Nutrition is a great way to start. Put your dollars where your values are kinda deal, ya know! Thanks for stopping by the blog today, we hope you and your pet bffs have a safe and sound remainder of the year!

Xoxo Beau & Matt

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