Probably This Week (June 27, 2019)

This is the FIRST time Probably This Week is appearing on the blog instead of in it’s usual newsletter format, and we’re v excited to get to share it with more people. It’s a weekly update from Beau on our lives, links for weekly reading, new posts from the blog, etc. It’s been going strong now for like 3 years, so wow this is a big change.

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Snoballs at Hansen’s. They were very good duh.

Snoballs at Hansen’s. They were very good duh.

Hi, friends, it’s Beau with Probably This Week!

It’s the end of June and I’m itching to leave town because that’s just something that happens every summer. Thankfully we’re headed to Los Angeles in mid-July but if any fictional character could sum up my shitty personality it’s Willy Wonka’s Veruca Salt ….and when I want something, I want it now…daddy?

So. I think we’re going to go to the beach for a few days early next week to visit my dad. Did you know I have little sisters? They’re very cute and very blonde and they’re always fun to spend time with. Maybe we’ll revive an old Instagram story series of “Probably This Reviews This Stuff” wherein we stop in questionable gas stations off the highway during long road trips and get weird stuff to eat on camera and provide reviews. It’s always a good time, sometimes.

Other stuff:

We’ve spent a part of the week developing a bubbly strawberry cocktail recipe and it went live on our Instagram yesterday and honestly I’m so happy we’re done with it because it’s low-key SO good but I’m really tryna not drink all the time but it’s also like seven hundred degrees outside and the cocktail is fruity and sparkly and hella tempting. Check it out?

Other than sparkly cocktails we’ve also been consuming A LOT of Chinese food because New Orleans finally has really good dim sum at this new place called Dian Xin. We’ve gone three times in two weeks. A couple days ago we went and got wontons in spicy sauce and dumplings and bao and beef stew and god damnnn. Go to there if you live in the city and/or visit. (& here is a reminder that you can see all of our New Orleans recommendations on our Nola guide!)

Weekly Reading:

First: Climate change just feels like this massive black hole we’re hurtling towards and like half of us are all freaking out and the other half don’t really seem to mind and anyway if you’re someone who is also freaking out: “The most effective ways to curb climate change might surprise you” (CNN)

And also: What would you have if you had, like, infinite money? I would probably just buy a bunch of land and build houses for all of our friends and family to live in. There’d be a pool and tennis courts and a huge dining hall modeled after Hogwarts. Communal living sounds fun and also it means there’d always be doggo playmates for Fox without us actually having to have multiple dogs. Anyway, Abigail Disney (like, of DISNEY) is the subject of “What It’s Like to Grow Up With More Money Than You’ll Ever Spend” (The Cut) and wow hahahahah OK sis. She seems like a very good person though tbh!!

Also also: If you haven’t heard recent reports from border detention centers, you need to. We all need to be pretty much completely outraged that humans are living in these conditions, and CHILDREN at that. You can learn more about the conditions in those detention centers here: “‘Children Were Dirty, They Were Scared, and They Were Hungry’” (The Atlantic) If you have the ability to donate to RAICES, an on the ground organization in Texas fighting for immigrants rights, please do so. The United States’s current administration is shit but tbh our policies on immigration have been shit for decades under presidents of both parties, so this isn’t really anything new. Let’s make that a priority topic in 2020 voting, yes?

Finally: I vividly remember when my racist / homophobic / in general inadequate Director of Mass Communications (Sonya Duhe at Loyola University New Orleans! Hi if you’re reading this! You were awful in every single way!) singled out black students in my class to make sure their hair was “presentable” before a presentation and I still get super mad whenever it pops into my mind. California is on its way to becoming the first state to make workplace discrimination based on natural black hair illegal. That’s incredible! No one should be expected to make their hair “more white” in order to look “more professional”—that’s blatantly racist, folks. As much as I despise that woman (and trust me, I DESPISE HER), she’s not alone in her backwards thinking. Read more: “California could become first state to protect natural black hair from discrimination” (LA Times)

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