We Need To Talk About This New Teeth Whitening System We Tried

teeth whitening that works
teeth whitening that works
teeth whitening that works

We both tried the new ARC teeth whitening system and we’re both sharing our experience below for you!!! Product and compensation were provided by ARC, but we’re giving (as always) an honest review of the product.

Beau’s Experience

My past experience with tooth whitening systems always resulted in being covered in weird tooth whitening goo that tasted like things I did not want in my mouth. One of them made my teeth feel like they were on fire, and another was actually totally pleasant but did nothing to make my teeth pearly white. I wanted pearly white!!!! When ARC reached out about trying their whitening system I honestly cringed and turned to Matt and said something like, “I really want white teeth but I’m literally scared!!”. My past experience with whitening strips was still too fresh in my memory. I looked into going to get professional teeth whitening done locally, and then checked my bank account, and sighed. We were gonna try out ARC at home whitening system!

Some Highlights

  • There’s no BS here, it’s just a straightforward simple peroxide treatment, and the blue light thingy just helps enhance the peroxide’s effects.

  • The treatment we did was half an hour a day, for two weeks, which felt manageable.

  • The price is reasonable at $60 for the full whitening strips + blue light system (and you can use code ARCxProbablyThis for $15 off).

  • The strips actually stayed on my teeth, whereas other whitening strips have gotten weird and gunky and slid around.

  • I noticed results within 3 days, just like the box said, which was honestly surprising.

I don’t really have much negative to say about it. I’m impatient so there were a few times when I was eager to get the strips out of my mouth, but they’re comfortable and so is the blue light (which you stick in for the last five minutes) so it wasn’t a huge deal. Overall I’m extremely happy with it. I’m sorry this isn’t more exciting but that’s just the truth!!! You can read Matt’s review below :)

Matt’s Experience

I remember always having perfect white teeth all through high school… and then in college I met coffee and wine, and well, pretty soon I didn’t have perfect white teeth. I don’t think either Beau or I ever had terribly yellow teeth, but as people who are constantly taking photos of ourselves for Instagram (welcome to the hellscape that is 2019) we’ve both taken to overanalyzing every little flaw and blowing it way out of proportion. So when there’s a simple solution that helps make me feel even just a little more confident in how I look, I’m down to give it a try.

I’ve tried other white strip programs and I’ve never really found one that does what I’m hoping for, so I honestly wasn’t expecting to be wowed by ARC teeth whitening kit. But the fact that it was two systems in one (the strips plus the blue light treatment) was super interesting to me, and the blue light treatment especially felt very… sciencey (wow I’m obviously not a scientist).

The ARC instructions do say that it’s possible to feel some tooth sensitivity while using the system, and this has happened to me a couple times when using it. It’s slightly painful, but very short, and it hasn’t happened to me every time I’ve used it at all—maybe two or three times. But other than that, I really can’t complain about any discomfort. The strips fit over my teeth really easily and don’t flap up or come loose, and the blue light mouth piece is soft, so it’s not uncomfortable at all for the final five minutes of the treatment when you use it.

All of that said, the best part of the whole thing is that I do see noticeable results. ARC says you can notice a difference in as little as three days—I actually could tell my teeth were whiter after just the second day. I’m excited to keep using it and hopefully one day I’ll be able to blind people just by smiling at them.

In Conclusion

We’re both pretty impressed with this product and v happy with the results. If you’ve struggled with getting your teeth to be as white as they can be, it’s definitely worth a try, and like we mentioned above you can use code ARCxProbablyThis for $15 off to try it out yourself.

Thanks for stopping by the blog and happy smiling!

xoxo Beau & Matt