Probably This Week (September 4, 2019)

Some things in your life undoubtedly serve to remind you that yes, more time has gone by, and no, you can’t have it back. For me it’s sitting down every Tuesday evening to write this little letter to several thousand people who are nice enough to let us into their inbox. It’s a chance to reflect on the week, but it also gives me anxiety because I’m like wow I just did this how has it already been seven days??

Whatever it is in your life that reminds you that time is just zooming by and you can’t really do anything about it, I hope you transform that little anxiety ball into gratitude that comes with enjoying the moment and what’s in front of you. I know this is so cheesy but it’s so real, y’all. This week, I’m choosing to appreciate the fact that most of the work I’m doing the rest of the evening and next few days is stuff I really truly like to do. And that I’ll get to spend time with two of my favorite living beings (the bald one and the one that’s covered in hair). And maybe do a few workouts to clear my mind. And hopefully eat a bunch of really good food, because that’s mandatory in this household.

As for the week’s reflections—it was a pretty good time! We had Southern Decadence here in New Orleans, which is like our OG Pride before pride was really a thing. We saw so many folks we’ve been missing, brought Matt’s mom to the parade (which she seemed to really enjoy!), and celebrated a friend’s birthday with karaoke. Remember last week how I said Matt would probably sing show tunes at karaoke? I was WRONG. He sang “Goodbye Earl” by the Dixie Chicks and “I’m Not Okay” by My Chemical Romance, which was super disturbing but seemed to really resonate with the audience!

After we got home from the weekend, Fox got extra long walks and we worked on finalizing a recipe for what is an absolutely incredible pasta with a grated tomato sauce and ricotta and veggies. That’s new on the blog this week for you to make and / or just scroll through the food porn photos.

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And now for reading!

We’ve got some great stuff to discuss this week. Some of it is a bit long, and some of it a bit dark, but all totally worth it. Whenever I compile the weekly reading for this newsletter, I try to focus on articles that will inspire and/or get you thinking and/or are just random tidbits that aren’t getting mainstream media attention—and that’s why you’ll rarely see straight-forward news stories on here. I want to address this, because given how much awful news there is on a weekly basis, it always feels weird to not include it, but that’s not what these links are here for. If you’re like me, you get a constant stream of news from news alerts on your phone, or NPR, or CNN, so consider the below a slight respite from the happenings of daily life and something to help pull you into different stories and narratives that you may otherwise have missed.

First: Do you have negative people in your life? Ones who drain you with their constantly dismal outlook or complaining? Or maybe you’re the negative one! I, often, can be the negative one. I really loved this week’s “Dear Therapist” on the Atlantic because it dives into why, and to what end, we complain and need support—and how not everything is always as it seems. “Dear Therapist: My Sister Constantly Complains, but Won’t Do Anything to Change” (The Atlantic)

Second: I guess this shouldn’t surprise me? Nothing really should surprise me anymore, but I try to assume people are not complete fucking idiots. New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees just did an ad for anti-LGBT Christian group Focus on the Family. The organization’s biggest claim to fame? Fundraising and garnering support for conversion therapy (you know, that thing where shitty parents take their queer kids to camps that make them pray away the gay and usually physically and emotionally abuse them). Drew Brees Records Video for Anti-LGBT Religious Organization (via Big Easy Magazine)

Then: Pretty much any native New Orleanian knows how hard (and beautiful and amazing and tragic) living in New Orleans can be. The millions of tourists every year, the oppressive summers, the incredible smell of confederate Jasmine, the city’s complete and unjust racial divide, a day spent in the sun with your best friends during Mardi Gras, the broken streets and government systems at play, and the first crawfish boil of the season. It’s a mix. Saying negative things about New Orleans to anyone other than fellow New Orleanians is scary, because we also need people from around the world to see it as wonderful and come spend their dollars here. That’s why I love this piece linked below, which is an excerpt from Sarah M Broom’s upcoming book, The Yellow House. Sarah is a writer from New Orleans East who, after years of living in New York, returned to write about her hometown with a new perspective. Who Stays Gone, and Who Can Afford to Return (via the New Yorker)

And also: It’s about to be fall. You’re about to cold. This faux suede zip jacket in tan is going to be my entire vibe this season. I guess this wasn’t weekly reading but still it’s important OK!! And no, I haven’t bought it because I’m saving my fashion splurges for when it’s at least below 85 degrees.

And also also: A British prince and the son of a U.S. president fall in love. No, this isn’t some plot twist involving that disgusting piece of smashed banana Laffy Taffy that is Eric Trump, thank god. Instead, it’s the plot of a cute gay romance novel that is gaining quite a bit of acclaim! Red, White & Royal Blue Is a Romance Perfectly Tailored for Viral Success (via Vanity Fair)

Finally: You need a fall-inspired cocktail, and this one’s “full of cool-weather, warm-spice bliss but will also knock you on your perfectly sculpted ass in a heartbeat if you're not careful.” The Fall Down Cocktail (via Probably This)

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