Probably This Week (September 20, 2019)

cozy fall home

I just sat down to write this, but it appears the falafel Matt was experimenting with are all—all of them—on fire and there is currently smoke swirling around me so please hold.

OK. Fixed it. More falafel coming up.

Happy Wednesday! First off, we have to talk about this really cute living room set-up we did with stuff from Etsy (view our post here). I just literally cannot deal with the tiny cacti trio. They’re SO SMALL and you gotta swipe on the post to really see them. OK. Check it out and give it all your good and kind likes and comments (like maybe suggestions for where we should put the tiny cacti?)—thank you I love you you’re beautiful and perfect.

We’ve basically had a super dramatic week and I need to talk about it. FIRST, we took the middle leaf out of our dining table and now instead of an oval it’s a circle. THEN, we moved the bar cart next to the table instead of in it’s original spot in the living room. AND THEN, we learned we had access to cable TV through Matt’s mom’s account so we’ve been starting our mornings with the Today show and starting our evenings with Jeopardy. Okay so yeah no this week has actually been remarkably mundane and I’ve never been happier to live a beige life than I am right now. After a doozy of a week last week, and work projects stacking up as we head into the holidays…I’m good.

Between moving furniture mere feet from where it previously stood, I guess the most exciting part of the week was that we created a go-to guide for stocking up your bar cart for autumnal cocktail making, which you can see right here. Or you can see the new cocktail Matt created, which he’s calling a Cold Brew Manhattan. Or you can see me with fully blacked out teeth in today’s blog post about activated charcoal toothpaste. It’s funny and not scary or weird I promise.

I’m also working on a protein-packed apple cinnamon breakfast and/or snack bread for you. It’ll be the best thing ever and I think you’re going to love it. That should be coming out sometime next week so look for it on the next newsletter!

Weekly reading below, as always, boo :)

First: Matt and I already do all of the things in this list but they’re actually really quite good and helpful and maybe can help you save up for that thing you want! Note: it would also be helpful if home prices weren’t completely out of wack, but I personally have less control over that. The Food Choices I Made When I Was Saving Up to Buy a House (The Kitchn)

Second: I’m by no means a single-issue voter, but LGBTQ+ issues are of course pretty high on my radar. If you tuned in to the LGBTQ forum for the 2020 presidential candidates, you probably saw some good and some not so good stuff. The break down: Everything the 2020 Candidates Said (and Didn't Say) at Iowa's #LGBTQForum (via Them)

Then: Did I mention we have cable now? One of the first things we watched was Greta Thunberg tearing apart basically every rich political person in power in a glorious speech that made me both inspired and terrified. I was fully ready for her to jump off the stage and eat someone, which I would’ve applauded. She’s amazing. If you’re unfamiliar with Greta, you need to read up, really! Start here: Who Is Greta Thunberg (The Telegraph) And then get up to date: Greta Thunberg Just Gave the Best Speech of Her Life (The Cut)

And also: The Sherwin Williams color of 2020 was just announced and we’ve used it before, years ago, and it’s very cute but also make sure to use it in a well-lit room because it made our dark little living area feel like a dungeon. Sherwin-Williams Just Announced Its 2020 Color of the Year and We'll Be Using It Everywhere (via Better Homes & Gardens)

Finally: Mattel is introducing gender neutral dolls and 1.) that’s fantastic and 2.) they are SO CHIC I’M CRYING. Barbie is shaking. Cue outrage over morals, or family values, or whatever. The Company Behind Barbie Is Now Selling Gender-Neutral Dolls (via OUT)

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xoxo Beau