Our Current Favorites for Making a Cozy Home for Fall

fall cozy home decor

So for a really long time, until like last year, I thought “cuffing season” had to do with policing? I was like, that’s weird, but never thought anything more of it because the U.S. is basically a police state and having a season dedicated to arrests felt horrible but completely unsurprising.

BUT GOOD NEWS!! Cuffing season is just about finding someone to cozy up with for when it starts to get cold. It’s basically the colder, less tan version of a summer fling and the “cuffing” refers to being locked down to someone else until it’s warm and you’re fine to be alone again. Millennials are wild.

Anyway, whether you’re on the hunt for someone to cuff(?) or you’ve already found your favorite person, fall is a time for staying in and cold nights and cozy vibes. A home decor refresh may be in order for you!

I’ve always been a really big fan of design that is minimal but made homey through warm colors and textures, and the below items really reflect that. Nothing cluttered, just simple pieces that will help bring in those blush, yellow, and creamy hues, along with warm wood finishes and (of course) a little brass.

Two quick notes: some of my favorite, most wonderfully welcoming and cozy pieces we have are from thrift stores, consignment shops, and estate sales. Vintage pieces with their wear and tear and old school glory are an amazing place to start when trying to cozy up a space—and it’s an environmentally friendly option. Second: we have a list of all of our favorites from Etsy for this exact topic right here. Etsy shoppers rejoice!

Without further ado, here are some of our fave pieces for a cozy home worthy of fall. :)

How we’re styling some of these items

cozy home decor for fall
cozy home decor for fall
cozy home decor for fall

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