Why You Should Be Using Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

activated charcoal toothpaste
activated charcoal toothpaste

This post is in partnership with Tom’s of Maine as members of their Goodness Circle. As always, all opinions are our own.

OK so if I could make my teeth as white as this screen, I’d do it. We’ve been using the Tom’s of Maine Charcoal toothpaste, which works to whiten teeth while also doing all the other good stuff like fighting cavities and keeping enamel strong and in-tact. We’re partnering with Tom’s of Maine all year long to try out and review their products, and this is one of our favorites so far because 1.) the whole blacking out your teeth thing is actually kind of fun and 2.) it leaves your mouth feeling super super fresh. 

While I’d love to pretend to be all sciencey about how activated charcoal actually whitens teeth, I got a C in chemistry and also I’m lying to you I’m pretty positive that I got a C-. But, I know that activated charcoal helps bind to surface stains, removing them as you brush.

Now that everything's out in the open and we’re in an honest space with each other, I have to tell you about our somewhat sordid history with charcoal products for teeth whitening.

We tried this charcoal powder (not Tom’s of Maine) once that you had to like, dip your toothbrush in and then scrub on your teeth? It was really popular in targeted Instagram ads circa 2017 so maybe you’ve tried it. It destroyed our bathroom. Like, charcoal everywhere. It went up in the air and got distributed all over so the entire bathroom was grey and it was horrible and having to choose between a bright smile and a remotely decent looking bathroom makes me really really sad and I don’t like being sad!! 

This charcoal toothpaste from Tom’s of Maine has the same whitening effect but isn’t messy. It leaves your teeth feeling wonderfully refreshed and clean and we’ve been super happy with it. Also, like all of of their products it is cruelty free and doesn’t use anything artificial . We’re big fans of brands that care!

I recommend you give it a shot if you’re looking for an all natural whitening toothpaste :)

Thanks for stopping by the blog, and let us know if you try it out.

xoxo Beau

activated charcoal toothpaste

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