Probably This Week (September 12, 2019)

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Probably This Week

Hi friends, it’s Beau here for our weekly chat, but you probably already knew that?

So, OK, I want to talk about a viral tweet regarding Lizzo’s words at an NPR Tiny Desk Concert last month.

I know this doesn’t sound like it’s going to be important, but it is.

Lizzo, with her raging fan base that I’m a part of, said, “If you can love me, you can love yourself.” And that shit stopped me right in my tracks. It’s unusual to see someone with celebrity status actively try to redirect that attention, love, and care back into the people providing it.

So many people, myself included, can get caught in a fandom and give so much positive attention to some other entity, while treating themselves like a dumpster fire. It’s pretty much the worst thing ever??? So whatever entity or individual that you love (a singer or actor or… like idk sports player? I guess people love those!)—if you’re capable of giving them love and attention, don’t forget that means you can and should do the same for yourself. You’ve got the proof that you’re able right there in front of you.

That’s one thing I’ve tried to do this week. Instead of beating myself up over to-do lists that are nowhere near complete, or stressing about work projects that are about to be past deadline but have been taking forever because my creative energy is at a major low, I’m focusing on the self-love. The positive things I’m proud of myself for, and all that. So thanks Lizzo for the inspo.

And on that note—it’s been a stressful week with hardly any time for anything and we leave for New York tomorrow and I haven’t even begun to think about packing. Which really isn’t great considering we have to go to a Fashion Week event for a work thing and have, well, no clothes to wear to it. Deep breaths in, and out. Stay tuned.

And now for reading!

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First: The story of Caroline Calloway. If you love getting wrapped up in a good mind-boggling friendship drama involving hundreds of thousands of dollars, a scam artist, and cult following—this one’s for you! I’m actually completely unsure of why this person was appealing to the masses or what made her a sensation and got her a book deal, but it’s an interesting mind-numbing read nonetheless! The Story of Caroline Calloway and Her Ghost Writer Natalie (via The Cut)

Second: I guess because we’re publicly a gay couple and there are so few resources online for gay relationships (which are more or less just as mundane and beautiful and chaotic and boring as hetero ones), we get a lot—like a lot a lot—of emails and messages from fellow LGBTQ+ folks seeking relationship advice. That we’re not remotely qualified to give. This week’s Hola Papi is all about how and when to define a relationship, and while JP is probably, like us, not a couples’ therapist, he hits the nail on the head with his response. And we say this a lot, but here it is again: communication and open honesty is key to fostering healthy relationships, in all areas of your life. I Want to Define the Relationship. Is It Too Soon? (via

Then: Human resilience is remarkable. After 9/11 I Raised My Daughters Alone (via The Atlantic)

And also: I love love love when people push the boundaries of design in their own homes. Like, it’s one thing to do outrageous designs for spaces where people are meant to spend just moments of their lives (for instance, a shop or restaurant) but it’s next level to let your mind go wild in the space you’ll be living in. Just another reason to love Julio Torres, I guessJulio Torres’s Brooklyn Apartment Is Filled With Futuristic Furniture and His Favorite Shapes (via Architectural Digest)

Finally: And…I thought my sweet tooth was bad, but damn. Former Bakery Worker Allegedly Stole $90,000 Worth of Wildly Expensive Cakes (via Vice)

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xoxo Beau