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This blog post is written in partnership with Hill’s Pet. As always, all opinions are our own.

ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY ONE THOUSAND!! That’s how many pets were adopted out on this year’s Clear The Shelters Day, a nationwide pet adoption initiative sponsored by Hill’s Pet that had almost 2,000 participating shelters! They didn’t tell us how many people adopted all those pets, so I’m going to pretend it was just one really really dog-obsessed dad who now has an arena with 161,000 pets all playing together.

Last year’s Clear The Shelters

Last year’s Clear The Shelters

Meeting dog friends

Meeting dog friends

You’ve probably seen us talk about it all over Instagram, but our favorite fur ball, Fox, is a rescue dog that became our bff about four years ago. We’ve spent those four years giving him basically the best life we could possibly offer another living creature, and in return he kindly poses for Instagram photos and cuddles up on us when we’re sick or tired or laying really still or just when we’re asleep. He’s made us feel surprisingly passionate about the joy and importance of pet adoption, because imagining him just sitting in a shelter somewhere is basically heartbreaking and I can’t talk about it too much because I really don’t feel like crying right now and making this awkward for us all.

So. In the interest of learning more about Clear The Shelters, we attended last year’s event and here’s what happened: we found a shelter near us that was participating (Louisiana SPCA, which was huge and so impressive), met a bunch of fellow pet-obsessed humans, played with a dozen or so kittens, shook hands with about as many doggos (including that Very Good Boy in the photo above), learned about what the SPCA offers in terms of adoptions and doggy care, and had the best time ever. We didn’t adopt a pet, only because we’re at our limit with Fox—but once we live in a bigger house we’ll for sure be expanding our little family with more rescue friends.

It’s because of Hill’s support of initiatives like NBC and Telemundo owned stations’ Clear The Shelters that we’re excited to be partnering with Hill’s for the remainder of the year. We’ll be learning all about their commitment to pet nutrition and furry friend well-being and reporting back on our findings on this here blog. We’ll be diving into topics like their science-backed approach to developing nutritious food, their commitment to shelter animals in communities across the U.S., and their 100+ year long journey to becoming one of the most trusted names in the pet world.

More on that to come. Right now, I’ve got to take Fox for his morning walk, during which he’ll pee on no less than ten lamp posts. So basically I’m really busy. Talk soon, and as always, thanks for stopping by the blog!

xoxo Beau, Matt, & Fox

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