Probably This Week (August 22, 2019)


Probably This Week

Hi, it’s Beau, you know the deal. Let’s talk :)

If you ever want to find out how many dentists follow you on Instagram, I recommend posting an IG story claiming dentists get pleasure from their patients’ pain!! That’s the route I took, anyway. Apparently a lot of dentists follow us, and were quick to assure me they don’t get pleasure from other people’s pain. Not sure I believe them, and that’s OK.

So I had to go to the dentist to get a wisdom tooth checked out yesterday, which is what caused the above situation, and now I’m going back today to get it yanked out of my head. I’m super not looking forward to it! But it’s already erupted—which is dentist speak for “it’s come out of the gum” and also the worst possible word to use for that occurrence—so it should be relatively easy and quick and painless with the anesthesia.

I’m not the only member of our family that has had to get poked and prodded by strangers in masks this week. Little Fox had to go to the vet because he was having some rather unfortunate… eruptions of his own (sorry, had to). He’s fine and they gave him medicine to make his tum tum feel better but he was super pissed about being there. I’m just glad he’s like more or less going to be OK.

Not that you’re remotely appetized at this point, but the only other thing that’s happened so far this week is a new recipe on the blog! This one’s for panzanella—an Italian bread salad that brings together crusty ciabatta and heirloom tomatoes and basil and red wine vinegar and Parmesan and other wonderful things. It’s such an incredible end of summer recipe and you really owe it to yourself to make and eat it! That’s linked below, and the blog post is full of carby food-porn, if that’s your thing.

Also for your consideration: we’ve currently got a giveaway open for like $100 in wildly delicious, perfect for fall body products from Jack Black grooming that you should enter. That’s open until Thursday! Anddd our collection clearance is now in full swing and you can get 40% off everything in the shop with code YAS40.

Let’s dive into weekly reading, if that’s alright.

First: So when I first heard Weight Watchers (now just called “WW” because that’s maybe less fat-shamey?) would be launching an app for children as young as eight, I was all * sirens blare, eyes widen, gets a case of the nervous-giggles *. Like this is obviously going to be a PR nightmare, right? My real opinion on it after reading the details of the app is actually a bit mixed, but still, like, wow. Maybe one day a corporation that cares about children’s health will, idk, open affordable grocery stores in low-income urban food deserts and, like, idk, help take care of the school lunch debt crisis? Anyway: Putting Kids on Diets Won’t Solve Anything (via The Atlantic)

Then: Is there one single word to adequately describe the feeling of going to your closet, looking at all of your clothes, and realizing that once again—even though you’ve spent more money than reasonable on new clothing over the years—you’ve got nothing to wear? It’s the textile equivalent of trying to decide with your partner what to have for dinner. An internal struggle that is born out of exhaustion and/or anxiety of having to make yet another decision that just bubbles up inside of you until you bow down to it and put on the exact same thing you always do. If I could wear the same thing everyday without people thinking I’m weird or dirty, I probably would. What Wearing The Same Shirt Every Day Taught Me About Myself (via Nylon). P.s. you may have noticed, but we do have one style of shirt that we own in like five colors and wear constantly—the Men’s U Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt from Uniqlo. It’s made of a nice, durable medium-weight material that can withstand being worn a ton, and the fit is just perfect.

And also: In ~ What Weird Shit Did An Influencer Do This Week ~ News, a shockingly glamorous non-fatal motorcycle accident caught on camera and posted to Instagram. You’ve probably seen it. Whenever this stuff happens I try to look at the facts. On one hand, you have someone who is maybe kinda weird and maybe posting a traumatic—and somehow incredibly well-styled—event for attention. That’s assuming the very worst of her. On the other hand, as a fact, you have writers—who are writing for publications with hundreds of thousands of readers—dragging an individual who was literally in a motorcycle accident for posting photos of it, inciting rage online and thousands of commenters going to harass said motorcycle girl. IDK, to me it’s clear who the butthead is. Imagine Turning Your Motorcycle Accident Into a Photo Shoot (via The Cut)

And also also: Maybe you’re a queer person dealing with the trials and tribulations of managing your mental health. And maybe this piece by our friend JP will make you feel a little less alone in that. Navigating Borderline Personality Disorder as a Gay Man (via Them)

Finally: I always find it fascinating to get a peak behind the curtain into a world that’s otherwise foreign to me. Like writers’ room for TV shows. Like, specifically, the writers’ room for Friends. Wow what a treat. A Party Room and a Prison Cell, Inside the Friends writers’ room (via Vulture)

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