We Need to Talk About The Fact That It's Almost Fall [& Our Seasonal Recipe Line Up!]

It’s almost fall which is pretty much everyone’s favorite season (besides Matt because his definition of comfort is 95 degrees and shirtless, conveniently my definition of an anxiety spiral). I’ve spent the last week or so more sedentary than usual due to a tooth extraction, which means I’ve had the displeasure of scrolling on my phone a whole lot and I just gotta tell you is seems like the rest of the internet is just as excited about the shift to fall as I am, most notably with what has become my favorite meme ever—Christian Girl Autumn. Just. Click. The. Link.

I kindly ask that you ignore the fact that in Louisiana, where we live, it will likely not drop below 80 degrees for another month or so. That doesn’t make sense with my fantasy so I won’t acknowledge it. Instead I’m just going to do what I do every year at this time, which is set the air conditioner to 60 degrees and wear multiple sweaters and once again develop a nightly mulled wine habit.

Some other things we have in store for this season: eating plenty of butternut squash, a new Probably This Collection drop that is going to be our biggest yet (!!), burning seasonally appropriate candles all the time, switching from white to red wine and NONE of that rosé bullshit, watching gray sweatpants season unfold in Instagram stories, and putting together more recipes that will make you feel like the cozy autumnal goddess that you are.

But let’s look at a few recipes from the past that you should be making this year.

Tahini & Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

It’s that time of year when you can finally use the oven again without making the entire house feel like it’s melting, rejoice! Let’s start with my favorite fall snack and/or breakfast: banana bread. Specifically, this tahini chocolate chip banana bread. You will probably feel like shit if you eat this for breakfast but that’s what sweaters are for: forgetting your problems.

Herbed Butternut Squash + Brussels Linguine

After that you’re going to need to make a pasta because pasta is the best thing and pasta that has roasted Brussels sprouts and butternut squash is the even bester (?) thing. Also you’ve already had banana bread for breakfast so just throw in the towel, put on some sweatpants, and relax with your new favorite pasta friend. It’s a very simple recipe that is pretty light and bright in terms of flavor, while still bringing in the priority fall veggies, so it’s a great transitional dish between seasons.

Turkey Andouille Gumbo

Anddd one of our local favorites—we normally only make this after Thanksgiving, but I think this year we’ll try to make this a few times as it gets colder out. Turkey Andouille Gumbo. It’s meaty and beautiful and a real homage to our Louisiana roots. Gumbo may seem intimidating, but the only part that you can really mess up is the roux, which is actually not hard to make at all if you just pay attention(!!). That being said, the roux is one of the first parts of the recipe and you can easily re-make it if you accidentally burn it, without setting yourself back too much.


Bourbon Milk Punch

Finally, because falls means drinking as much whiskey and cider and mulled wine as you want, we’re sharing one of our favorite cocktail recipes. Milk punch! It’s creamy and strong and sweet but not annoyingly sweet and you should really make this with your best friends and gossip about how wild you were in years past, and how nice it is that things have calmed down and you have get togethers at each others’ houses now and make milk punch.


There are more fall recipes to come this year, but I hope this is a good jumping point for you! Thanks for stopping by the blog :)

xoxo Beau