Workspace Duel with Sunday Shop

Pretty much every morning right after we wake up and have our daily "no, you go make the coffee!" conversation, we have a few solid hours of desk work. For a really long time, this part of our work day was pretty unstructured, and I'd sit balancing accounts and invoices at the dining table (actually just watching videos of funny babies) while Beau sat at the one desk we shared, editing photos or some other real, actual work.

It took a few months of getting absolutely nothing done for me to say "hey, maybe we need a second desk so that I can ever accomplish anything." I know, truly revelatory. 

For two opinionated gay 20-somethings with different tastes who cohabit the same place, getting separate workspaces was nothing short of a literal religious moment. We both got a little corner of the house to spruce up in our own style without having to really compromise about anything and this is honestly what I think winning The Price is Right might feel like.

We went on a shopping spree - one that basically looked like a very posh episode of Supermarket Sweep - at Sunday Shop to get some killer pieces for our spaces. The team is super talented and helpful, and their storefront is filled with amazing and unique homewares including hand-picked vintage and one-of-a-kind furniture, rugs, art, botanicals, linens, and decor, and literally every single thing is cute as hell. Going into the shop feels frankly iconic because every square inch is just absolutely gorgeous. But if you're not in New Orleans and don't plan to be (or if you just like shopping from home) they've also got a beautiful online store where most of their items are available, so definitely give them a browse.

We put together two pretty starkly different looks for each of our desks, and we're in love with how they came out. Let us know what you think, and click on the thumbnail photos below each look for individual product pages! 

Our Afternoon at Sunday Shop

all in-store photos by Augusta Sagnelli

Beau's Look

Beau's style tends to be really cozy, focusing on warmer tones and what I guess we can call "stylish clutter." If you've seen A Single Man, the main character has what I imagine would be Beau's dream office. Sleek wood, leather, brass, basically quintessential mid-century modern with some very light color play. It's an adorable style, and I like rooms like this, too, but this is Beau's like *bread and butter*. We showed the Sunday Shop folks a picture of Beau's desk (mid-century mini desk in acorn, from west elm) and basically told them what I just told you about his style tastes, and together we were able to assemble a super cute and cozy office look.

I'm personally really digging the caspian sheepskin, especially having it near the pink painting (art by Lee Alice Pablo). It adds a bit of fun to this otherwise very mature look. Also, the shop sells these sheepskins for about $100, which is shockingly low considering you'll find them in chain stores at a lesser quality for around the same price. The folks at Sunday Shop recommend it as an easy way to spruce up a space that needs a a pop of color or texture, and we agree!

shop beau's look online

Matt's Look

I've learned a workspace needs to be brighter and way more minimal for me to stay focused and productive. I'd say my style is probably less universally appreciated, just because I've got a huge crush on jarring color pops and severe angles that tend to be polarizing. But I think when done correctly, this pop-art inspired approach feels inherently clean and organized. We brought all this info to our new friends at Sunday Shop and showed them my desk (actually the same desk as Beau, but mine's in white) and to absolutely nobody's surprise they helped us turn out a look that made me want to immediately sharpen a bunch of pencils and schedule the next five years down to the minute.

I'd have to say my favorite piece in my look is the sculptural brass and marble lamp (made by Lambert et Fils). It's just really unique and helps adds some dimension to the space. Let us know what you think but absolutely don't let us know which one you like more because we're both extremely sore losers. Thanks for checking out our updated workspace looks! 

shop matt's look online

Thanks so much to Sunday Shop for sponsoring this post and helping us redecorate our office spaces! All opinions are our own.