Where To Shop For Unique Petite Planters

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petite planters, succulent planters
petite planters, succulent planters

Tiny plants are one of our favorite ways to dress up a desk or shelf or console table or coffee table. This isn't groundbreaking news. The succulent trend of like 2014-ish had everyone buying teeny little succulent friends and it was honestly a pretty good phase for the internet and world in general. Obama was president, Macaulay Culkin wore a t-shirt of Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt of Macaulay Culkin, and there were little bb succulents all over Instagram. Sigh. You never really realize how good you have it till it’s gone, huh?

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase—we’re still big fans of using small succulents, cacti, and tiny plants to help bring life into the various surfaces you throw your random shit on, so here are some of our favorite small planters to make those spaces real cute. If you’re a budget conscious bb (like we try and fail to be), you can also so so so easily make your own planters in different shades for like $4 with some basic terracotta pots and paint samples. You can check out our blush planter DIY for that :)

The shops and items below are our picks for getting something a little out of the ordinary and interesting, that you won’t find at your standard home store.

The Sill || this shop has really design-forward planters in “mini” and “small” that we’re totally obsessed with. They’re unique and very hip and come in the sweetest colors. They sell plants you can get potted in them, but you can also just buy the planters and then get cheaper plants in your local home store to keep cost down. One of our favorites is the simple, timeless August Planter (ours is in cream). Expect to spend $20 - $40 before shipping.

The Jungalow || Justina' Blakeney is basically the plant queen of Instagram, and her shop The Jungalow is her empire. They have incredible, super unique pieces, many of which are unlike anything we’ve really seen anywhere else. One collection we’ve got eyes on is the “emotions planter” collection. The colors are amazing and it’s such a cute concept and a great way to add a little attitude to a shelf. Expect to spend $25+ before shipping.

Pottery by Osa || we love shopping small makers, because they usually are doing things with real quality and also corporations are evil. Osa makes gorgeous planters in different colors and sizes, mostly all in the same style. We’ve had our terracotta planter for like five years and it’s still one of our favorite pieces. Her glowing reviews on Etsy show we’re not alone! Expect to spend $50+ before shipping.

Local Consignment Stores || yes we do include this in pretty much every lineup for furniture and home decor, because it’s really important to do so, because it’s environmentally friendly and a nice big “screw you” to consumerism. Consignment, thrift, and antique stores can take some work to find pieces that fit your wants and needs, but the adventure of it all can be so worth it to find unique vintage pieces that you’re pretty much guaranteed nobody else has.

Target || yes obviously as gay men who like home stuff, sometimes Target gets thrown into the rotation. The blue patterned novelty 6” planter is fantastic and just under $20. I do hate myself, however, because it like just got discontinued online but apparently is still in stock in select stores—so if you want this one you gotta do the “find near me” option and pray. Expect to spend $12 - $25.

Thanks for stopping by the blog, and happy plant parenting!

xoxo Beau & Matt