Probably This Week (July 25, 2019)

probably this week

A definitive list of things that I’ve been wondering about this week:

  • What did we do with our legs prior to having a chaise lounge?

  • Is it inappropriate to pack six pairs of shoes for our Europe trip and regardless how can I convince Matt I can do it but he can’t?

  • Why do people reply to Instagram stories of like, a cocktail, with things like “show your butt” or “do u guys break up?” ???

That’s pretty much it. I obviously have a very curious mind.

This past week has been mostly committed to doing fun New Orleans things for a little staycation we had over the weekend, and now getting ready to go to Europe to celebrate Berlin pride and then bounce around to a few nearby cities. I really don’t handle a bunch of travel super well (I love my routines and creature comforts) so I’m trying to mentally prepare for being away from home for a couple weeks after just having spent a week away in LA. Anyone else love the idea of travel but isn’t so great at living out of a suitcase?

Matt’s helpful with this because he’s in general just a more stable human when it comes to facing life’s instabilities, and I’m pretty sure he could live in a new place every single day and be totally fine. He’s an adaptable guy and it helps keep me in check when the inevitable identity crisis and subsequent anxiety spiral happens five days into a trip.

So, today and tomorrow will be spent getting the last few things in order before we leave, like making sure our plants are set up for mom to come water with ease (shout out to mom thank you sis love you), ensuring we pack literally all of our socks and underwear, finalize train bookings for getting between cities, hot yoga to clear my mind, and having a long and frank conversation with Fox about the importance of independence while we’re away. People always ask us “what happens to Fox when you leave town” which really makes me want to respond with “we throw a big steak in the living room on the way out and say a prayer,” but really he just goes to Matt’s mom’s house and plays with his fellow dog bffs, Juno and Mitzi and * cough * gets fed too many snacks * cough *

Anyway, you’ve got your weekly reading links below, but I also wanna take a second to recommend you start as many days as possible by watching Sam Smith’s new “How Do You Sleep” music video. It’s a good song but the video really makes it, and it’s great seeing unapologetic, casual queerness. The little hip dance? I live. I’m so so so happy there are so many queer artists that have mainstream attention right now, and I can only imagine being a young gay kid and seeing that and feeling a little less weird.

Weekly Reading:

First: Sometimes, the world really can be beautiful. Cheez-It and House Wine teamed up for a $25 box of red wine / box of Cheez-It combo and it’s officially the song of the summer. Cheez-It & House Wine Released A Box That's Tailor-Made For Summer Picnics (via Bustle)

And then: In the hunt for a better night’s sleep—how bedtime rituals can help or hurt your ability to actually fall asleep. I, for one, love my nightly ritual of like seven bedtime teas, frigid air conditioning and fan on high. I Found the Key to the Kingdom of Sleep ( via The Atlantic)

But also: If you really just need an excuse to never eat salad again…Your Bagged Salad Is Full of Frogs (via Vice)…it’s an alarmist title, but nonetheless kind of shocking. Oh, and there’s a weirdly cute story about a salad ingredient turned friendly house pet, so, give it a read.

Food stuff: Americans are swooning over Aperol Spritz still, but there’s a whole world of spritzes out there that are, tbh, better. We learned this during our years in New Orleans’ service industry, but it seems like making a fancy spritz with stuff other than Aperol is still not a mainstream practice? Be that one fancy friend mmmmk. How to Upgrade Your Spritz This Summer (via Bon Appetit)

Local Things: 1,000 gallons of molasses erupted onto a street near the French Quarter and it’s probably the best the French Quarter has ever smelled? People find humor after gallons of Molasses spill in downtown New Orleans (via WWL)

Finally: If I checked in to this hotel I would just show up happy sobbing and then probably get asked to leave, tbh. In Austin, A Hotel Reminiscent of A Wes Anderson Film Set (via DesignSponge) I’m in LOVE.

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