Jammy Strawberry Tahini Blondies

This blog post almost started off with, "We've been really into tahini lately," but that's such a weird way to start a conversation. In fact, please use that sentence as your next ice-breaker at a party or first date and let us know how that goes for you.  

So before we start talking about our current tahini feelings, here's what we've been up to since you saw us last:

  • We decided to take action against Fox sleeping directly under Beau's head by putting him in a little blanket burrito on the floor, which he loves.
  • We neglected the laundry so much to the point that our couch is covered in clothes waiting to be folded (Fox loves this, too).  
  • We made little eggplant stacks with tzatziki and feta and chickpeas and felt very *coastal Mediterranean* which is pretty much how we're always striving to feel.  It's why we chug wine and wear sun dresses and love Greek men.  

So, anyway, we've been really into tahini lately.  If you don't know what tahini is, read this and then go buy some because it's super delicious and is fun to spread on bagels and to mix into salad dressings.  It's also really good in baked goods (obvi).  If you didn't click that link and still don't know what tahini is, 1.) damn you must really not care and 2.) it's basically just ground sesame seeds.  It has a rich nutty flavor, with some bitter notes. It's basically us.  Susty Party was kind enough to sponsor this post, and you can go ahead and find the recipe for these blondies here!  Have a sweet, jammy, tahini-filled week, friends!


Head over to Susty Party's website to find the recipe and use the code "probablythis" for $10 off your purchase.  Susty Party makes environmentally-friendly disposable dinnerware and sources manufacturers who employ the blind, which we think is chill as hell.    

Thanks so much Susty Party for sponsoring this post!  All opinions are our own.  

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