2 Boys, 1000 Figs

Do you know how awkward it is to go into a restaurant, stand on a chair, and start taking photos of food with a massive camera?  People look at you like, "Dang those guys are really into Brussels sprouts" and, "If you get me on camera I'm telling management." 

We're fine with all of that.  But do you know what we're not fine with?  This heat.  New Orleans, girl, you are k-i-l-l-i-n-g us with this shit.  Our daily routine has become: wake up, get dressed, go outside, try to take a cute photo for Instagram, sweat, immediately go back inside, change shirt, repeat steps three through seven. It's insane and makes our mantra (#alwayslookcute) extremely difficult.  We've attempted to circumvent this crisis by carrying around multiple shirts at a time.  This is our life now.  

Anyway, we had a brief escape from the eighth ring of hell this weekend by taking a trip to one of our new favorite places to eat, 1000 Figs.  Though seemingly lacking even a single fig, the restaurant is a wonderful nook of Kinfolk-inspired realness and a super cute place for a relaxing late lunch.  It's modern, it's hip, and somehow not pretentious.  AND, while most restaurants might have an adjoining patio or a garden or whatever, 1000 Figs has an adjoining WINE SHOP.  It's called Swirl and it's right next door. You can bring in wine from the shop, or have the restaurant run food out to you while you stumble around the maze of bottles of chardonnay and pinot and cheeses.  

Besides the accompanying wine place, 1000 Figs has some other perks, including:  little personal drawers full of silverware at each table (SO CUTE, SO ON BRAND),  one massive window that basically lights up the whole restaurant and gives you that Beyonce glow,  and the most chic water / tea pitchers that made us take roughly 200 photos of us pouring drinks.  Oh, also the food is dank as hell.  Mostly vegetarian, mostly Mediterranean(ish), all delicious.  Check below to see what we ate!  You can find their website for location and hours here.  Happy Sunday, cuties!

on the menu: 1,000 Figs

Roasted Brussels Sprouts // crispy, salty, peppery, a little vinegar, with leafy greens

We'll take our sprouts any way we can get them, but when they're crispy and slightly oily and vinegary we're all like (insert happy sobbing emoji) (insert dancing lady emoji).


Falafel Platter // incredible falafel, hummus, pita, beet and carrot salad, mixed greens, tahini dipping sauce

Is it lame to say it's the best falafel in the city?  Whatever, it is.    


Roasted Root Vegetable Salad // lots of barley, roasted beets and golden beets, mixed greens,  goat cheese

It's like a salad and carbs had a love child and we adopted it and then ate it.  Very happy about this.


Smoked Chicken Salad Sandwich (not pictured) // smoked chicken that's been shredded and tossed in a light mayo, served on crunchy oily semolina loaf with some greens and rosemary aioli.


Smoked chicken salad is actually amazing and we're v confused as to why we haven't had it before.  Order this if you're trying to pack some meat in at lunch.  

Matt // shirt 

Beau // shirt // watch