Pretty in Pink Living Room Upgrade: White + Shaggy Area Rug

You guys may remember that we painted our dining room pink a few months ago! Well we've gone ahead and changed it up by switching around our dining and living room, so now we've got a bright and airy dining room in the front of our home with a cozy pink sitting room further back. We're loving it!


Wanna know a secret? Four years ago when Matt and I started dating, we lived in this remarkably dumpy college apartment that had a faint "is that mold or are the girls next door doing drugs again?" smell to it. We had carpeted floors that probably hadn't been deep cleaned in a solid decade, and a tiny kitchen that slanted at a 30 degree angle, resulting in a couple years of cakes coming out of the oven with a gradient of thickness not remotely fit for being posted on the Internet. Oh we also definitely didn't have a freaking area rug. It was a different life.

Fast forward to today and we've moved into an actual adult house and have finally figured out this whole home making thing. We've even got the dang area rug thing down (with occasionally shady comments about our rug choices from our friend Dabito to help guide us along).

Shameless plug: Check out our guide to picking out the best area rug / area rug style for each room!

Originally, the pink room had a wall-to-wall Kilim rug, which was a muted color and design. We were really into it, but the room only has one window, and the dark colors of the rug really didn't do much to brighten up the space. It was also just extremely thin and maybe not the most cozy option for a lounge area, even it it was perfect for when the room was our dining area.

We spent some time browsing around the Internet for something a bit more comfortable. Eventually we ended up on Rugs USA looking through a whole bunch of those vaguely tribal wool white rugs that are super on trend among the bohemian interiors crowd right now. We fell in love with them and for a moment had settled that the style would be perfect for the room, but a few clicks later we came across the hand woven shag Flokati rug in these photos. We both did the whole gasp with the hands over the mouth thing because it resembles our/Fox's favorite sheepskin blanket and seemed like the perfect fit.

Side note: we always shop for this kind of stuff online because the savings are completely insane and you can browse a much larger selection than is typically available in physical stores. Yes, we know it means you can't look / feel it quite as well, but many online stores have great return policies that can be your lifeline in case an item doesn't work out.

We went ahead and got this shaggy white Flokati rug shipped in and it turned the room from an Avril to a Madonna SO QUICKLY. We were already in love with the room, but damn this thing really took the space to the next level. If you're familiar with century old shotgun homes in New Orleans, you'll know that while the original wooden floors are gorgeous, they can be remarkably drafty and poorly insulated. This rug has served the dual purpose of being both super cute and super cozy for our barefoot walk to the kitchen each morning. And because we're becoming more like our own dog-obsessed mothers with every passing day, we've quickly taken to referring to it as Fox's "mom" because it's big and fluffy and he's obsessed with it and we're completely insane. Ah. Anyhow, there's a discount code to be had below(!!) and a few more photos / favorite rug finds. Happy week to you!

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A few of our other favorites!

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Images courtesy of Rugs USA