Spring Recipe Round-Up


Hey everyone! Lately we've been pretty busy with a ton of projects, so we're pretty numb to the feeling of staring out the window on gorgeous Saturday afternoons, sitting obsessively in front of a crisp iMac while we watch Instagram stories of our friends tanning poolside. I'm over it. I promise. I don't fantasize 24/7 about biking all over town in a spaghetti strap tank, I promise.

It's April! Spring is here! Honestly, it never really got cold here in New Orleans, but it's spring now, and so we're obligated to say things like:

  • It's starting to warm up again! (It never cooled down)
  • Time to pack those sweaters away! (They never came out)
  • Say goodbye to hearty comfort foods! -- okay, well that one's not happening.

It feels like it's been a bit since we've put out any new recipes, so to kind of remind ourselves that's a thing we like to do, we're pulling some spingspiration from a few things we've made over the last couple years. Here's a little roundup of awesome, delish warm-weather light fare goodies that you can enjoy whether you're out frolicking in the season or you're just stuck staring through a window at it like we are. Check 'em out, cuties!

Click through on images for links. <3