August 2018 Workout Routines Review

workout routines 2018

We get a lot of questions about what we do in the gym, and honestly maybe y'all need to turn the brightness up on your phones because, like, we love our bodies but we are (happily) not adonises. We don't go to any special classes, or spend tons of money on supplements. Instead, we regularly (3-5/week) go to Anytime Fitness or the basic gym in our building for an hour or so and follow workout routines that other, more qualified, folks have written up - for free! 

We'll typically jump from one program to the next, as each one usually only lasts about a month. It's nice to mix it up, both mentally and physically. So here are a few of our favorite routines we've tried, and quick reviews of each one.

But first, the few fitness related products we consume/use and really stand behind:

365 Brand Whey Protein ($14): we keep both the chocolate and vanilla in our house. The flavor is great, but more importantly it's one of the "cleanest" AND cheapest whey protein powders available. It's just got whey, natural flavors, a little cane sugar, and stevia. We love it.

BlenderBottle with Twist n' Lock ($12): It's just like every other blender bottle but it has a bottom compartment for storing your protein powder, supplements, or tiny snacks!

Plans We've Used and Love


Rob Atkin Seven Day Challenge via Rob Atkin


Why we like it:

The plan hits multiple muscle groups during each workout, by breaking it down into "push days" and "pull days" -- making sure you hit every major group twice a week. It encourages healthy stretching and foam rolling, which we now swear by. Once you visit that link above, you'll need to provide your email address and get the workout sent to you. 

Use it for:

Jump starting a workout routine, or to shake things up if you're getting bored with a previous routine. It's pretty different then most routines out there in it's structure, and adding variance always does the body good!

The workouts are:

Very manageable, with each workout having two major exercises and two circuits. These generally took us just about an hour to do. It's already short, so make sure not to skip the warm ups!


Your 4 Week Plan for Guaranteed Muscle Growth via


Why we like it:

This is a straight forward, no shrills way to gain muscle. It focuses on simple movements with basic rep schemes. 

Use it for:

Great for winter bulking for anyone that follows a bulking/cutting schedule, or year round for anyone who has a hard time gaining muscle.

The workouts are:

Very very long. You'll need to move fast and not take much rest time, and the sheer volume of lifting is pretty intense. 

And that's it for now! We're always trying new stuff and will post updates etc whenever we find a new program or product we love. Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo Matt & Beau