Menswear Winter Sales

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Hey sis! How you doin? We’ve spent the last week getting our taxes in order from 2018 and trying to actually be organized and responsible humans. It’s been very hard but very good for the mental healths. Something they don’t tell you as a kid is that once you’re an adult everyone expects you to suddenly know how to do literally everything and no one is helpful.

Anyhow, onto today’s topic. Cold weather fashion is the best. Picking out layers of sweaters and jackets is easier than picking which body part is least offensive to expose in the dead of summer, right? Maybe. Also, we know winter is coming to an end in a couple months (or if you’re a fellow New Orleanian you’re aware it ended last week), but maybe you just need a new piece to last you the rest of the season or want to stock up for next winter. Here are some items we’ve loved this past fall and winter, all of which are currently on sale. Let us know your favorite in the comments!

mustard parka

Mustard Heavyweight Parka

$51.50 (was $103)

About the parka: This piece is pretty heavy duty, while not being overly bulky thanks to a little pull strap that cinches in the center. Utility wise, the pockets are huge, the lined hood is great for snow or rain, and it did a fantastic job of keeping us warm. Matt is wearing a large.

puffer jacket

Ecru Puffer Jacket

$61.50 (was $103)

About the puffer: The Michelin man is so proud right now! This piece got all the compliments while we were out and about in Chicago, and it proved to be perfect for keeping cozy on a (literally) freezing cold day. There’s one pocket inside and two outer pouches that zip shut. It’s overall a fun piece that did a great job of keeping us alive. Alternative use: anyone who likes to cosplay as a lamb. Beau is wearing a large.

checked cardigan

Wool Cardigan

$250 (was $500)

About the cardigan: This cardigan is from Ralph Lauren and oh my god we love it. It’ll make a great layer under a jacket for super cold days, or can be worn with just a t-shirt for milder days. The green and black is a timeless look, and we really loved wearing this piece throughout the fall and into winter. Matt is wearing a medium.

harrington jacket


Jacket with Fleece

$47.50 (was $87)

About the jacket: Y’all were really loving this one on Instagram! Which is great, cause we love it too! It’s a medium-weight jacket that has a nice fleece collar situation and a rich, warm tobacco color. It didn’t quite keep us as warm as originally hoped, but for the price it would make a great buy for mildly cold days. Beau is wearing a large.


Concordia Jacket

$225 (was $268)

About the jacket: This little waterproof number from Banana Republic is the perfect jacket for days that are “gross.” It’s great for mild to moderately cold weather, does a fantastic job of keeping us dry, and has a hood for when the downpour starts. One thing that bothered us is that it has a camo lining? Like, the inside is literally camo? We’ve embraced it as “quirky.” Beau is wearing a medium.


Let us know what you think and if you end up buying any of these pieces :) Thanks for stopping by the blog!

xoxo Beau & Matt