The Southwest: OHMYGOD

Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod you guys. Did you know the southwest is like incredibly beautiful and breathtaking and (most importantly) really great for Instagram? Did you? Did you?! We didn't. Well, we had a teeny tiny idea that it was, which is why we went, but what we saw was so much more than what our dumb margarita-filled minds anticipated. 

In 5 days, we: went nearly 1,000 feet underground in the Carlsbad Caverns, 1,000 feet(ish) above ground hiking in Sedona, viewed a v colorful art installation in the Nevada desert, and played in what is basically an IRL green screen in the white sands of New Mexico. 


We did so much that we're basically qualified to write a desert guidebook off of our experiences. So here it is, the long anticipated and fully useless Probably This guide to the deserts of the Southwest:

  1. When going on a four-hour long hike at noon, don't forget to bring water. Oops.
  2. Also, pee before you leave or you're going to really upset that cute couple that's just trying to get some shade behind that bush. (Sorry!)
  3. Yeah selfie sticks are lame but when you're on the very tippy-toppy-give-your-mother-a-heart-attack piece of rock and overlooking all of Arizona, you're going to wish you had one.
  4. Bring snacks. Always.

That's pretty much all we have to offer you in the wilderness department. Maybe besides like, buy a mobile wireless hotspot and bring it with you at all times in case you want to Snapchat in the desert. 

On the food front, here are two of our absolute favorite desert / Southwestern eats:

  • H&H Carwash in El Paso, Texas - life changing Tex-mex in a weird old diner for like $5. Do it.
  • Henry's Barbecue in Artesia, New Mexico (on the way to Carlsbad) - whaaaaaaat, yeah. 
  • ChocolaTree in Sedona, Arizona - vegan / raw foods you can eat in a hammock and so many juices and tonics and desserts holy shit. 

Anyhow, now we're back in our little swamp corner of New Orleans, cuddling Fox and making oats and broccoli rabe and all the other yummy things that we'll be sharing with you this month! Have a good week, cuties!