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White Chocolate & Peanut Butter Pie (GF)

It's now the week of Thanksgiving and I have hardly had any time to plan what I'm making for my family's thing and Matt's family's thing because school has just been completely life-absorbing and every day feels like my soul is being sucked out - dementor style - by my professors.  So, in need of something both easy-to-make and calorically substantial enough to warm my numb heart, I made a peanut butter pie! Seriously, the words bring a smile to my face. Peanut. Butter. Pie.

In my opinion (I'm always right), the beauty of peanut butter pie comes from the balance of flavors and texture.  It needs to be sweet and salty - silky smooth and crunchy - fluffy and rich - mess any of those up and you've just ruined my whole god damned day. And it was already ruined from the aforementioned soul-eating professors.  I feel like I ...

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