The Southern Lady Porch Punch

peach summer cocktail
peach summer cocktail
peach summer cocktail
peach summer cocktail
peach summer cocktail

Why does summer happen???????????????????????

Today our truck thermometer said it was 105 degrees and we're not entirely sure how accurate vehicle thermometers are but that's just so upsetting. On a scale from cute to horrible, 105 degree temperatures (especially when you're trying to be a PutTogetherGay), is a solid No Thank You Ma'am. 

After some deliberation with our assistant (Fox) we decided the temps made it OK to have a drink at 5 p.m. instead of our usual 5:30 because we're 1.) definitely not gonna leave the house for the rest of the day and 2.) we just discovered HGTV has full episodes of some of our favorite shows online. And just like that our day completely turned around. 

Here's what we're drinking: The. Southern. Lady. Porch. Punch.

This cocktail goes out to all of the amazing Southern women in our lives who are sweet and sharp-tongued and appreciate a good cocktail or glass of wine on a hot summer day. This recipe makes a whole pitcher and goes down rather easy, so drink responsibly and share with your friends and all that.

We're using peaches, lemon, sparkling water, and vodka to create a cocktail that is simple and bright in flavor. It's slightly sweet, nice and peachy, and honestly everything you need on a summer night (or day). Check it out below!

The Southern Lady Porch Punch

serves 3-4

  • 3 cups frozen peach slices
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 tablespoon water
  • 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 8 oz vodka (more or less to preference)
  • soda water or sparkling water***
  • fresh peaches and mint for garnish
  1. Combine the peaches, sugar, salt, and tablespoon of water in a saucepan over medium high heat, and cook for 10 minutes. While it cooks, use a wooden spoon to smash the peaches and stir the mixture. Remove from heat and let cool. 
  2. Add the syrup from the cooked peaches to a medium pitcher, along with some chunks of the cooked fruit as desired***. Add in the lemon juice and use your wooden spoon to muddle the peaches and lemon juice together.
  3. Add the vodka and give a good stir. Finally, top of with soda water to fill the pitcher. Make any necessary adjustments to taste (more lemon juice, peaches, or vodka) and garnish with fresh mint and/or peaches.
  4. Serve immediately over ice and enjoy!


We used an elderflower sparkling water from Whole Foods and it was AMAZING, but standard club soda will do!

You can add as many peach chunks as wanted! The more chunks you add, the more flavor you'll have, just depends on whether or not you want chunks of peach in your drink!

and here are all the faces I apparently made while making this drink, captured by the lovely Matt.

IMG_6629 2.JPG

xoxo Beau (& Matt!)