Austin, Texas: Rosie on the Road

austin, tx

We're on a long ass road trip! Last week we left New Orleans with Fox, our camper Rosie (check out the renovation!), and as many clothes as we could possibly pack. We'll be spending the next few months exploring the Southwest and west coast and can NOT wait to share all of those adventures on this here lil blog. The desert photos, the margaritas, the elote, the we-got-in-a-fight-over-gas-station-hot-dogs-but-we're-working-through-it Instagram stories... all of it! We even created a cute landing page to organize all of our stops, which will go live, uh, once it's ready ;)

As I write this, Matt is driving us to Marfa, a ~*small artsy city*~ in the middle of NoWhereWestTexas. Fox is in the back seat doing this manic panting thing he does whenever we first get in the car, and the air condition is working on making my skin breakout like the hyper sensitive pre-teen my forehead will always be. And it's time to recap our trip to Austin!

Austin was the first stop in our very long and intimidating list of cities. We didn't think we'd be able to make the nine hour drive from New Orleans to Austin in one day because towing Rosie is low key horrifying and makes us go kinda slow, but we did it! We got SO MANY recommendations for places to try and would probably need five months and $14,500 to do all of them but we did the ones we could! And thank you to everyone who sent over their favorite spots. 

We didn't stay in Rosie for this leg of the trip because we've got a fairy godfather there named Matt Crump who runs an insanely CoLoRfUl and v popular Instagram account and has a cute home that looks just like his IG feed. It was five days of lounging on his bright ass pink couch and talking about gay Instagram culture. It was more fun then that sounds, but that sounds pretty fun. We did leave his house sometimes, mostly for food.

We learned so many things about life like that we love H-E-B grocery stores, What-A-Burger will both bring you to a state or nirvana and also make you think you've got IBS, and although Austin is like kinda weird - it's maybe not as weird as New Orleans so leave the casual waist length pink wigs at home.

Our favorite dining experiences were FOR SURE Ramen Tatsu-ya, East Side King, the Mighty Cone Food Truck, Chuy's, Torchy's, and Amy's Ice Cream. Who is Chuy? Or Torchy? Or Amy? Just curious tbh.

One of the best things about the Austin food scene is that some of the tastiest food is also the most affordable, so we legit only spent about $150 on food for the both of us the whole time we were there - which, like, never happens.

When we stopped eating for long enough to walk (waddle), we spent some time hanging out on South Congress to check out all the cute hip lil shops, and also the Hope Outdoor Museum (that's where the two graffiti photos below are from) which is about to get torn down, so look it up to make sure it still exists before you go! While we didn't get a chance to go to Barton Springs because it was kinda rainy, everyone told us to go do that so if you came here looking for recommendations, you should probably check it out on a sunny day and jump in the pool. We've also got the street corners where you'll find all of the cool street art below! OK here are some pics!

xoxo Matt & Beau

You're My Butter Half Mural 2000 E Martin Luther King Blvd

I Love You So Much Wall 1300 S Congress Ave

Candy Colored Mountains Mural Corner of E 7th St & Navasota St

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ramen tatsu-ya
austin tx
austin, texas
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austin tx
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