San Francisco

Hai!  So, OK, we basically bought plane tickets to San Francisco just so we could eat.  And eat. And eat.  And ohmygod help us.

Pictured above: Burmese food at Burma Superstar. Holy. Shit.  If you don't know what Burmese food tastes like, we suggest you get your ass down to Burma Superstar and shove all of the things right into your face.  Yes. Specifically: tea leaf salad, pumpkin pork curry (top left), cute boy (top right), and the 'sticky fingers' (basically short ribs, bottom).

Oh, look!  We also did some nature stuff because we're such a #fitfam.  Corona Heights let us see all of the beautiful neighborhoods in the city that we can't afford.  It's wonderful.  

Here's our future neighborhood. (We hear we'll have to sell our organs on the black market to make rent, but it's totally worth it).

Andddddddd, more food.

Ok, so going to Tartine was kind of a big deal for me.  I'm not going to say I started happy crying because I didn't.  No, seriously I didn't.  It was way too packed and all I cared about was getting myself a damn cup of coffee and an assortment of pastries.  Anyway, the Tartine No.3 cookbook is a favorite on our coffee table and actually getting to step inside the building where everything is created gave me a total baking *****.  Ahem. It was fun!  

Andddd, still more food.  

Above:  Craftsman and Wolves.  On the left is a ham and cheddar twist thingy with dried veggies on top. Yes, get that.  On the right are some miscellaneous delicious looking baked goodies.  Oh, also, order The Rebel Within.  It's an asiago cheese biscuit stuffed with a soft boiled egg. Ask them to heat it up for you because apparently that's not always a thing - but it should be. 

Finally, we took a day trip away from the big city to drive to a little vineyard Matt wanted to go see.  It's called Bonny Doon Vineyard and they have an incredible tasting room and even more incredible wine and a super #cute staff.  We spent way too much money (not like drunk at Taco Bell money but like drunk at Prada money) but oh well. We have a case of wine at home waiting for us.

Some other places we went and loved:

Alta CA: our first meal in the city, and probably the best. The oysters here were amazing, as well as the beef tendon puffs (yes, that's BEEF. TENDON. PUFFS.) and the smoked steak tartare. Also pork belly and squid sounds so weird but is just so right.
Pizzeria Delfina: had a cute #doubledate thingy here with Yummertime. We had the meatballs and the Salsiccia pizza, and they were both mmmMMMmMM. 
Sightglass: great coffee, and weird little delicious pastries, such as sauerkraut cheddar tarts? So good.
Press Club: super clean/chic/modern/out-of-our-price-range wine bar that had some awesome wines plus the best bottled water that's ever touched our prissy lil' lips.

So, now we're at this place on the coast of Northern California and it's quiet and time for us to get off the Internets.  Next post will be about our trip to Anderson Valley and the terrifyingly adorable cottage we stayed in.  More on that later.  Kisses.