Probably This Week (October 11, 2019)

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Hi! I hope your day is going swimmingly. Mine is going about as good as two cups of coffee and a lit candle can be!

I need to address something I said last week. I said we’re going to Boston and that’s actually a complete lie, we’re going to MAINE. I did not mean to say Boston and I’m honestly not sure what’s wrong with me or why I did that. I * thought * we were flying into Boston and then driving into Maine but we’re actually flying into Portland, Maine, then staying in Maine and not stepping a foot in Massachusetts ever at all. So a correction on trips coming up: New York, then MAINE, then Austin. And not Boston. Though I would like to one day see Boston!

Oh! And we just booked a week in Santa Fe for a special top secret work retreat in January and I’m so excited. I love Santa Fe! And it’ll be so pretty and cold in January.

Other than learning about New England geography, this week has consisted of making and munching the best BLT’s ever (thank you Kelly’s parents for the tomatoes from your farm they were lit!!), deciding on a bedroom paint color and then painting the whole damn thing, designing the fall 2019 collection candle scents, and lots and lots of gay kickball for Matt.

The paint color is a color blend we made to be a perfectttt dusty sage. It’s such a calming color, and I love how it looks in the glowy light of the morning and harsh light of the afternoon and at night with our lamps on. It’s just amazing tbh. You can see that blog post right here.

The candle scents we designed are, I think, going to be incredible for fall homemaking. One is meant to smell kinda like Louisiana in Autumn (not in a gross swampy way, but an earthy gumbo weather way), and the other is meant to give off older man at the bar vibes. We’ll get our samples in the next week and can’t wait! You can see a little behind the scenes photo of our candle scent designing day right here.

Weekly reading below, as always!

First: Bob Ross (yes the painter guy with the big hair) died when I was two, which makes me really sad because NPR did a story on a new exhibit of his work and I got weirdly emotional and his show sounds like it was very relaxing! Like ASMR of the 80’s. The piece on NPR is all about the exhibit, but also about his cult following and reasons behind his popularity. A great little listen (or you can read the transcript of the interview). The World of Bob Ross (via NPR)

Second: Le Creuset released a Star Wars Collection and my brain hurts? Prepare to Freak Out Over This Star Wars and Le Creuset Collaboration (via The Kitchn)

Then: Con your family into eating lots of zucchini this week with our latest no-nonsense recipe: Zucchini “lasagna,” which uses zucchini in place of lasagna noodles and also uses ground turkey instead of beef and will take you very little time and effort. Please don’t send me hate mail for still calling it lasagna. Zucchini “Lasagna” (via Probably This)

And also: This week’s advice column on The Cut is about the decades-long anger that being the victim of schoolyard bullying can cause. I thought I’d include it because bullying is something that’s never really talked about after folks are out of school—but like duh of course the effects can be lifelong. With some statistics saying 9 out of 10 LGBTQ kids experience bullying at school—this might be a good read for all of you queer cuties out there! I can only really remember a few instances of being bullied and pretty much all of those kids are… well I’m not going to say what they are but I’ll say I think I won in the end. ‘Why Am I Still So Angry at My Former Bully?’ (via The Cut)

Finally: The title speaks for itself, and this is a fascinating read: An Indigenous Community In Mexico Finds Its Voice — And Strength — In Wild Mushrooms (via the LA Times)

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