Probably This Week (August 15, 2019)

probably this week

A big pot of our red beans is underway, we’re back on our collagen-in-coffee bullshit and gym-six-days-a-week bullshit, and we’re hard at work prepping for a few upcoming projects and trying to get the fall collection on track. Vacation is definitely over! But I like normalcy and everyday life and there can’t be high times without mundane times, so I’ll take my bowl of red beans and nights that end at 9:30 and be happy.

I hope you’re doing well or at least OK! I know I missed sending out a weekly email or two during the trip, but we reached a point during traveling where the idea of sitting down at a computer felt awful and we had no real work to do so I kind of took it as an opportunity to disconnect (besides taking approximately 500 photos of castles and Matt eating EuropeanThings).

If you missed any of that and want to look at pretty photos and get a view of Central & Eastern Europe through our eyes, here’s the Berlin blog post, Prague blog post, and Budapest blog post. We’re still working on the Vienna one!

Since being home I’ve managed to watch the entirety of Euphoria, the new HBO show that is kind of like Riverdale but a lot better (sorry, it’s true). I don’t think teen dramas are ever actually a depiction of what Real Teen Life is like, but it’s a damn entertaining show and the cast is absolutely amazing, so I’d say it’s definitely worth a watch. Also Eric Dane is in it as a full-blown silver fox daddy??? Reason enough to watch right there, I’d say.

Let’s dive into weekly reading.

First: In what may be the most Berlin thing to ever happen, gay penguins named Skipper and Ping in the Berlin Zoo have adopted an egg to raise together omg! Apparently gay penguins aren’t that uncommon and I think I just decided on our couple’s costume for this Halloween. A gay penguin couple adopted an egg in a Berlin zoo (via CNN)

Then: Since we’ve been home I’ve been getting up earlier than usual, like between 5 and 6 a.m., and I’ve been loving it. By 10 a.m. I feel like I’ve already had an entire day and it’s so nice! Any other early risers out there? What about like 2 am early? No? It’s a thing! The Life of a Person Who Wakes Up Really, Really Early (via The Atlantic)

And also: You should probably watch Andy Baraghani make grilled salmon (via Bon Appetit). He’s such a sweetie and grilled salmon is a wonderful base for an end of summer meal!

Finally: Part of being an Out Queer Adult is that sometimes people just don’t realize you’re queer, and then they do, and then they either legitimately don’t care OR you see a shift in their eyes and know they’ll treat you differently (not always worse than before, but just different, like a spectacle). Being queer means coming out over and over again, to everyone you meet everyday. But, sometimes it just doesn’t come up or you don’t feel like it being a thing because you’re fucking tired—so you just don’t mention it? Our friend JP talks about this in his advice column, Hola Papi, and it’s worth a read for sure! If I Don’t Come Out to My Coworkers, Am I Part of the Problem? (via

Check out the new blog posts below, and as always thanks for stopping by!

xoxo Beau