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palm springs
palm springs la serena villa
palm springs la serena villas
palm springs la serena villas

Like, honestly, so what if Palm Springs has consistently gorgeous weather and beautiful people and amazing food and insane shopping and swimming pools every twenty feet and wait I've got no clue where I'm going with this. Palm Springs is amazing. 

It's basically a 70's desert oasis dream and it's our new favorite city. Between the bright colors, palm trees, straw fedoras, and Mediterranean *stucco* vibes, it was hard to tell if we felt more like extras in Lady Gaga's Paparazzi music video or extras in a sexier, less wholesome Brady Bunch. So let's just call it both. 

Some stand-out stops?

  • Kalura Trattoria for some of the best damn Italian you weren't expecting. It feels sacrilegious as an Italian to say that we're not really *pasta people* but dinner here may honestly have been the start of a new chapter for me. 
  • WorkOUT Gym is a "gay gym" and it has a really sweet drop-in rate of $12! The staff there was pretty friendly, and it was a cute, convenient spot to get our pump on. πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
  • Evzin - We're suckers for pretty much anything Mediterranean and this place really won us over with their dip trio including charred eggplant babaganouj, the most perfect tzatziki, and black garlic hummus. Yum.

But okay so the real star of our stay was where we stayed, which was La Serena Villas. It's a dreamy boutique hotel where all the rooms had basket swings, private fire pits, and outdoor bathtubs. Yes, that was "outdoor bathtubs," and let's just say neither of us has ever had more baths in a 48 hour period than we just did.

The rooftop area (which we're told is the only rooftop bar in Palm Springs) was like a West Elm catalogue spent a semester in Malta. It's definitely a testament to the brilliant design of this place that we felt like we were somewhere in southern Europe when we were actually in the middle of a desert. Taking decor notes for wherever our next home is!

We came across this place on Hotel Tonight, which is an app that lists unsold hotel rooms, often with great discounted rates. They've got a cute categorization tool that lets you filter by type, like "hip" or "budget"β€”this one was listed as "luxe" and we would definitely agree. Hotel Tonight is an essential tool for people who travel often or on short notice (like us lately) or just for anyone looking to snag a good deal. You can download it right here in the App Store! (or right here in Google Play)

Hope you enjoyed checking out our Palm Springs mini vacation. Now we gotta go find the best burrito in SoCal, so LA here we come!

xoxo Matt & Beau

palm springs la serena villas
palm springs la serena
palm springs la serena villas
palm springs la serena villas
palm springs la serena villas

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