Life Updates, November 2018

life updates


It’s been a while since we’ve fully checked in about all the random things that happen on this side of the screen, but we’ve spent the last few days hanging around the house eating turkey & sausage gumbo and working on some end of year projects, so it felt like a good time to write a post about what’s been up!

We’ve been managing a few different projects, with the La Anna Guest House still under way but not anywhere near finished, Probably This Collection running strong and doing better than we ever would have expected (thank you, so so much, to everyone who has bought our stuff!), Matt’s real estate career keeping him extremely busy, and of course all of the work and collaborations we do through this blog and our Instagram.

We’ve also been trying to get better about making time for ourselves, and for each other. I’ve started going on longish bike rides on a cute wooded trail near our house. While riding I try to think about absolutely nothing, and will usually just play Sylvan Esso and look at the trees, which are trying so so hard to change from green to red and orange but not quite getting it right. Matt’s started doing a lot of CrossFit, which has definitely improved his overall mood, and now he’s always sore so it’s kind of fun to taunt him.

At night we’ve been setting aside time to sit down together and talk about non-work related stuff (the topics are few, but they exist!) or drink wine and watch Riverdale or The Good Place or whatever new mega hit Netflix has released that day.

Oh and our home!

We’ve been in our new apartment for almost 4 months now and are still working on furnishing it! We finally got a TV this weekend (we picked out the Samsung Frame because we’ve been wanting it since it came out and last week there was a killer Black Friday deal). It won’t come in and get installed until early December, but, we’ve waited almost six years for it so another week won’t hurt. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s the first time we’ll have a TV in our nearly-six-year-long relationship? Neither of us felt it was necessary and kind of an eye sore, but we’ve finally decided that if we’re going to watch an hour of TV a night on the iMac, we might as well just have a damn TV. I’m a little too excited.

As for actual furniture, we’re still finalizing pieces for the guest bedroom, dining area, and living room. We need rugs throughout the house and several items for the kitchen, but that will all come in time. Making so many decisions so fast never really works out well for us.

Anyway, thanks for stopping in! I’m going to try and take time aside to write more posts like this that are a bit more personal, and don’t actually offer you anything useful. Let me know if you want that!


Beau (and also Matt read over this to make sure I didn’t spel evreythng rong)