JFK Nightmare and What to do with $100 at The Gap

Hi from New York, friends!

Did you hear about the JFK fiasco last weekend wherein a bunch of bags got piled up and then a pipe burst and poop water flooded everything? Basically the "bomb cyclone" just went ahead and screwed up everything, but we forgive her. 

Luckily, though, our bags were stored in a big ole storage compartment and were spared the poop water! But it did mean our first 36 hours in New York were without any of the clothes, and specifically coats, that we had planned to have.

We waited around in the terminal for an hour, just keeping smiles on our faces and awaiting our luggage, but eventually it became extremely apparent that they were indeed not coming. So we went home and slept and still thought we'd wake up to a phone call saying our bags were ready for us. Nawwww. They wouldn't be available for another 24 hours and no one really knows why. 

Did you know it's really cold in New York in January?

Someone should probably explain this to Delta, cause when we tried to let them know their $100 voucher to the Gap wasn't really adequate to keep us warm in 9 degree weather they were not having it.

Looking at you, SUE, with your "should've checked the weather before leaving New Orleans" nonsense. SUE we DID and that's why we packed many many coats into our bags UGH SUE drop the 'tude. 

Yes, we could've spent our own money but HAHAHA just kidding we would never.

Sue was a little rude. The Gap isn't rude at all because we don't traditionally assign such characteristics to inanimate entities. And anyway, if Gap were a human it would probably be that somewhat wealthy but still down to earth gay uncle who has a bit of a drinking problem but it's fine because he's a nice drunk and always has the good stuff. Not rude at all. 

Here are some affordable pieces we found at the Gap that we really liked. Most will run you under $50, meaning you and your partner or bestie will both have a single nice piece of clothing to wear in case you've got your very own $100 Gap voucher. Lucky for all of us, post holiday life means a lot of stuff is on sale as it's being phased out, so there's a bit more bang for your buck then usual on the items below!

wool sweater

Oversized Wool Sweater

$34 - $52

pullover crewneck

Pullover Crewneck in Pink



French Terry Joggers


stripe crewneck sweater

Stripe Crewneck Sweater


print flannel shirt

Print Flannel Shirt


K stay warm wherever you are! Here's a *cute* pic of us looking real *disheveled* from that night.



- xoxo Matt & Beau