Our Hair & Beard Regimen [cut / style / product]

When you post photos of yourself on Instagram every single day, you kinda get an idea for what people care about. It's mostly Fox, but often times people ask us about our hair (or Matt's lack of it!). We're working on a full YouTube video behind Matt's decision to shave his head, but for now we're gonna dive into what we do on a monthly / weekly / daily basis to keep our hair & beard cut and groomed and proper. Maybe worth saying upfront: we don't do anything all *that* special or expensive, and we are 100% not experts in this field - just two guys who don't like spending a lot of money but want to look good!

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It took me a solid 4 years to discover what I should be doing with my hair. It's extremely thick with a coarse texture and tends to grow directly out, creating a mushroom head effect if I don't keep it styled and get it cut every 3 - 4 weeks. NOT CUTE Y'ALL. 

My favorite cut for my hair is a super high 2-1-0 fade, with just a trim up top. I usually request that the top gets some weight taken out of it - which is typically done with thinning shears. My hair grows back extremely fast, but I've found the high fade helps keep it looking proper for a longer period of time, just to kinda keep the troll doll look at bay. 

As for hair care, I try to treat my hair minimally as I've found too much product tends to dry my hair out and gets it real fluffy which is notttt what I'm looking to do. For most of my life I thought I had to wash my hair every shower (so, every day), as part of the whole head-shoulders-knees-toes hygienic routine. Now that I'm a certified GayAdultMan I've learned that's definitely not necessary and wash my hair three times a week, which has totally helped keep my hair under control and not too dry or *fluffy*.

I use just a small amount of generic tea tree shampoo followed by some scrubbing of my hair and face with Kalamazoo by Lush (and then rinsing, obvi). After I get out of the shower, I towel dry my hair to where it's just slightly damp. Then I use a few drops of Oi oil by Davines which helps weigh it down a bit, control the frizz, and add a bit of sheen. It also smells SO GOOD. Like one of those smells that you can’t really place but also can’t get enough of. The Oi oil is the most expensive part of my hair routine and costs around $23 for a 50 ml bottle. I'm cheap, yes it's true. 

Finally, after I've done the Oi oil, I use a bit of defining paste by American Crew. I just take a pea sized amount, smear it all over my hands, and run it through my hair. It keeps my thick, coarse hair totally under control all day, and then washes out easy in the shower!

Oh and about my "beard"??? I shave my face every few days because my facial hair is a sad, sad story and no one needs to see what two weeks of growth looks like on me. I use Harry’s products to shave, just their 5 blade razor and eucalyptus shaving cream. I love it!

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Up top my daily routine is easy! The decision to go bald has definitely saved me a lot of time when getting ready to go out on the town (usually just to Target). I started realizing I was thinning on the crown of my head about five years ago, and it took me until last year to stop trying to hide it and just embrace the bald and bearded look.

The actual act of shaving my head is a little time consuming, but I only need to do it once or twice a week. When I first started chopping it all off, I preferred going to a barber and having them shave my head for me (very helpful for those parts you can't really see), but at around $30 a trip I finally decided I could bite the bullet and learn to do it myself. I always make sure to shave my head right out of a very hot shower, or if I don't have the time, I soak a towel in hot water and wrap it around my head to soften my scalp and open up the hair follicles. Then I just apply shave gel (we're a Harry's household) and gently go at it the same way you would shave any other part of yourself. I make Beau double check that I've gotten all the spots I can't see before rinsing off in cold water and applying Perricone MD CBx for Men Soothing Post-Shave Treatment all over.

For my beard, adjustable trimmers are my BBFL. I can do pretty much everything I need with just 3 guards, but I use a 20-setting trimmer because I love an opportunity to be extra. I go in with the number 3 guard over the whole beard first. Then I need to fade the sideburns up to my bald head, which I do by using the 2 guard starting about half an inch from where the sideburns end, then the 1 guard halfway between that, and then no guard halfway between that. I put the 2 guard back on to go over my mustache because I think that looks better just a touch shorter (I'm a details queen).

I take a Harry's Truman razor to my cheeks (with shaving cream, always!) to straighten the hair line from ear down to chin, and then use the razor again to clean up my neck. Back to the trimmers, I fade out the neck line just like I faded out the sideburns ⬆️⬆️up there.

Finally, I take the razor and VERY carefully get rid of the few mustache hairs at the very top that sort of grow into the nostrils? Like yuck, who thought those were a good idea there? Honestly, this is a really small detail that is probably totally not necessary, but I feel like that tiny separation helps create a bit of space to make my mustache stand out better.

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And that's pretty much it! As always, let us know if you've got any more questions / comments / concerns (lol)!

- xoxo Matt & Beau