Big Gay Holiday Gift Guide

gay gift guide
gay gift guide
gay gift guide
gay gift guide
gay gift guide

Hello friends!

Since the last time we've talked, you've experienced Thanksgiving, dozens and dozens of shitty men getting fired for sexual assault, the first snowfall of the year for many of you (and for us!), and surely many sighs of relief that we're not yet in a nuclear war. Not yet.

2017 has been weird, y'all.

But traditions are strong and the idea of letting anything get in the way of holiday joy is kinda absurd, so we gathered together a gay gift guide so that you can shower yourself or your gay loved ones in presents. 

What qualifies this as a gay gift guide? Every item listed below is made by or celebrating folks who are gay or queer-identifying and offers up something in terms of pride, queer history, art, and expression. Well there's also a charcoal face mask because, well, we all love skin that glows.

Let's begin!

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Fire Island Pines, Polaroids 1975-1983 by Tom Bianchi ($42+)


This photo-heavy book gives a glimpse into pre and early AIDS epidemic-era gay life in one of the gayest parts of the country, Fire Island in New York. It's a beautiful peek into the lives of a gay community before gay liberation was fully underway. Shop now.

Sex Pixels ($160+)

 (NSFW - mom please don't click this link thank you)

Nothing says, "I love you" like a pixelated portrait of gay sex acts that are custom-framed and ready to go on the wall. Right? Not to mention they're locally made and framed down here in New Orleans, ready to be shipped out to wherever you are! Shop now.


Riot Boi by Le1f in Vinyl ($22+)


Le1f is one of our favorite queer musicians, and his music is unapologetically non-conforming to society's status quo in terms of gender, sexuality, race, and equality. It's honestly an amazing album and something everyone should give a listen to. If you've got someone in your life who loves vinyl, this is a must. Shop now.

One Hope Sparkling Wine Glitter Bottles ($49+)

Not only is their sparkling wine freaking dope, the company itself is involved in many different community outreach programs. Proudly LGBTQ+ allies, as well as supporting programs that help children, pet adoptions, breast cancer research, planting trees, and microloans (view all of their charitable work here) ... this company is pretty much amazing. Oh also they have these really cute glitter bottles that make the perfect gift for any sparkling wine-loving gay in your life. Shop now.


Pansy Ass Ceramics ($18+)


Similar to the Sex Pixels, these ceramics depict gay sex and other queer / LGBT+ body imagery. They're actually so freaking cute it's kind of insane. Need a pin for your shirt? A vase shaped like a big ol' weiner? A dinner plate with encouraging phrases like,  "yass kween" and "SLAY"? Shop now. 

Bushwick Kitchen Gift Set ($49+)

Bushwick Kitchen is a small Brooklyn based company that produces incredibly delicious honeys, maple syrups, and hot sauces. Our favorites are the salted honey and the gingerbread maple syrup, but with their gift sets you can let your favorite boo, bae, or hunty try a few different flavors. Oh also one of the guys behind it is a beautiful bearded gay, so. Shop now. 


Parker for Men Intense Charcoal Blackhead Peel ($15)


We're admittedly new to the face mask game, but this recommendation comes from celebrity hairstylist and beauty expert, David Lopez. We've given it a few test runs and our skin is literally glowing and honestly we have no clue what has taken us so long to get into the mask game. There's really no feeling more satisfying than peeling off a face mask, y'all. Heads up, the prices on the site are in AUD, but $20 AUD is roughly $15 USD. Shop now.

Everything is Awful: And Other Observations by Matt Bellassai ($14.50)

Matt Bellassai is basically two parts gay millennial existential disdain for the world, two parts wine, and three parts dry + strikingly witty humor, making him kind of the most entertaining human on the internet. His book lives up to his online personality. Shop now.


Awesome Charities You Should Consider Supporting If You're Not Into Traditional Gift Giving

Transgender Law Center


Lambda Legal

Happy Holidays! 

- Matt & Beau