Probably This Fall Shopping Guide


When fall rolls around and the pressure of fall fashion gets amped up, I'm not super naturally excited to bundle up in new layered outfits because, sis, my preferred look is just some jorts and a piece of cloth vaguely resembling a shirt. In fall terms, that means just gimme jeans and a thrift store sweater and I'm good to go! But Beau, the real fashion icon of our household (that's not saying much), has finally convinced me that as a late-20s (oh god) lifestyle blogger (oh god) I really should be putting more effort into what I'm wearing when it gets to be that time of year that everyone around me is suddenly guzzling hot chai and pumpkin spice things.

You know how every 90s to early-2000s movie inevitably had some mall montage where the main characters try on seventeen outfits each in exactly four seconds, probably set to "Perfect Day" by Hoku? Imagine that where I'm the weird nerd and Beau's the nice popular girl giving her a makeover. Except we're not in a mall, we're just lying in bed online shopping and not speaking to each other. And that's how we ended up with some of our *fave* new items. So, folks, I present to you our quarterly ode to consumerism, the Probably This Fall Shopping Guide.

Our New Favorite Leather Bag

Y'all this bag is LUX-UR-Y. Look at it. It's huge, it's leather, it has straps, it's everything. This was a Beau find, and I'm rly glad he found because like... I mean just look! But then it got even better. Ok, I'll explain. So we'd ordered it online, got it in the mail like four days later thanks to eBay's Buy It Now feature (87% of items listed have the option to buy it immediately without bidding!), and while we're busy fantasizing about all the ways we were going to use it, little Fox just hopped right in and went to sleep in it. And then popped his little head out. And then we went to lift it up and he was totally cool with just being carried around. I just about died. We both just about died. So now that this bag has officially been claimed as a doggy tote, I guess we need to find something else for packing clothes in because this little rascal chilling in there is frankly so cute that I physically cannot deprive him of this bag.

To be real, though, we're probably going to evict the little dude soon to make room for the rest of our Fall Shopping Guide items below. Sorry! As part of eBay's #fillyourcartwithcolor campaign, we're making it our personal goal to fill this stud of a bag with all of the most fall-inspired colorful pieces of joy possible. We CAN'T WAIT to take it on our Rosie inauguration road trip!

Leather Travel Duffel Bag from eBay



This hat that every Instagrammer has. 

We apparently had to, even if we're super late to the game. Beau was looking at this and I was all like, "really?" He got it anyway because you should never let a man tell you how to dress even if that man is your life partner and/or me. It honestly looks great on him, so look out for a million photos of him wearing it. It looks good on me, too, but I can't wear a hat like this without cracking the hell up so don't expect to see too much of me in it.

Wesley Fedora in Olive/Brown from Brixton

This incredibly long coat

This coat is serving me Inspector Gadget Eleganza and I am HERE. FOR. IT. Can you also just imagine for a moment wearing this thing during the somber denouement of a romantic drama? You're heartbroken but resolute, you're flanked by multicolored autumn trees in the distance, and you've decided that yes you WILL accept that full ride to Yale's MFA creative writing program. Except Yale doesn't have a MFA for creative writing so I suppose wrapping this thing around myself is the closest I'll get to actualizing that fantasy.

ASOS Wool Mix Overcoat in Camel

The Most Perfect Mixer You Could Ever Ask For

We've recommended this mixer before, but we really can't recommend it enough. It's a KitchenAid so, you know. Enough said, they're pretty much your standard go-to mixer. Fall just happens to be the time of year that we start to break it out much more often, and I think that probably goes for everyone who ever bakes. As the self-appointed taste tester of our household, this is one thing I do truly love about fall, because if Beau is baking more, I'm stuffing my face more. 🤷 Oh also the thing that makes our KitchenAid super special is that the STAND IS COPPER. How much more festive can you get? 

KitchenAid Copper Metallic Series Stand Mixer from Crate & Barrel

This Comfy Sheet Set

With this whole Rosie Renovation project wrapping up soon, we were in the market for a new sheet set for our new small and mobile bed. Our go-to for sheets has been West Elm for quite a while now. They definitely don't carry the *most* expensive sheets on the market, but getting sheets from here was a major step up for us a couple years ago, when I don't think either of us had ever bought a set that cost more than $20. I think about splurging on nice sheets this way: if you're getting the right amount of sleep, you will spend roughly a third of your life in your sheets. That amount of time is well worth a small investment to make sure you're comfortable, yeah? We're suckers for linen sheets, and this set in natural flax is basically the reason we will never be seen outside of our camper trailer bed ever again.

Belgian Linen Sheet Set in Natural Flax from West Elm

This Life-Affirming Light Read

We love Adam J. Kurtz! He just came out with yet another brilliant book, Things Are What You Make of Them: Life Advice for Creatives. It's 144 pages of inspiration, commiseration, and advice that's just super refreshing to flip through whenever you hit a mental roadblock. Beau is pretty good at trucking through and working, but I tend to let an unhealthy amount of self-doubt morph itself into procrastination--probably something leftover from getting a trophy every time I lost as a child. Oh, and the cutest part: all the pages are perforated, so if one piece of advice strikes a chord with you, just tear it out and hang it up, or give it to a friend who could use the tip.  ADORABLE. 

Things Are What You Make of Them by Adam J. Kurtz from Amazon

The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Traveling Pants

Listen, I've tried the drop-crotch look and it has never, ever worked for me. Hopefully not being too annoying when I say a good pant (to me) needs to hug the rear kinda close, and the whole baggy drop crotch look generally isn't trying to do that for you. I didn't fully *realize* these pants had a drop crotch when I ordered them, and I'm really glad about that because I probably wouldn't have ordered them. But I did and I love them. They hug in all the right places. They're wool, so they're warm. But they also have a short leg so the ankles can take in that sweet sweet October breeze. And turns out the drop crotch thing is something I'm really digging, so I highly recommend, would wear again.

ASOS Drop Crotch Tapered Wool Look Smart Pants with Heavy Turn Up

We're heading to the Smoky Mountains with Rosie and Fox this week and packing up most of these recommendations to put 'em to the test. Let us know if you've tried any of these items or if you plan on getting them! 


Thanks so much to eBay for sponsoring this post in conjunction with their #fillyourcartwithcolor campaign. All opinions are our own!