What We're Shooting With!

North Carolina Hiking

Hi! Can I tell you a secret? We don't *really* have an impressive collection of cameras and lenses that we use for shooting the photos on this blog and on our Instagram. We made the leap and bought an extremely nice professional camera at the start of this whole blog life and have literally not spent any money since. I've gone ahead and outlined a few cameras (from cheapest to most expensive) that we've used before this blog and what we're using today. We've only ever shot with Canon and really really love it, so all the cameras listed below will be Canon - we know there are great Nikons out there too, we just don't have much experience with them to speak on! 

The camera we use daily is the Canon 5d Mark iii with the 24-105mm lens. The first time we used it we were pretty much completely floored at how crisp the images were and how easy the camera was to work with. For our needs - shooting general lifestyle photos as well as some food photography and the occasional portrait - this camera does perfectly well. 

Below I've got info on how you can use eBay to select your own camera, including options that will give you stunning photos without breaking the bank quite as much! One of the best reasons to use eBay for camera equipment is that you can find a huge assortment of cameras that have been gently used for great prices. With new cameras coming out every few years, many photographers will sell older models at a discount. The rating system for sellers means you can be sure that the person you're buying from is trustworthy and will be sending you a product that meets it's description and quality.

If you want to browse for yourself, you can click here to view the entire selection of DSLR cameras and camera accessories available on eBay!

For the Beginner: Canon Rebel ($350 - $700 on eBay)

Before we bought our current set up, we shot with a Canon Rebel, which is basically the go-to option for casual photographers who are just beginning to hone in on their photo skills. The bottom line is that it's a fantastic intro camera that will give you the tools to practice framing and cameras adjustments, but it's never going to take magazine-quality photos in terms of clarity - and that's OK! For just a few hundred dollars you can grab your own and get started figuring out your personal photography style so that if you do decide to splurge on getting something more expensive, you'll know how to use it and be armed with some experience.

Our recommended models: Canon EOS Rebel T6i for something up to date but on the cheaper side, or the Canon EOS Rebel T7i if you're willing to splurge a little.

Intermediate: Canon EOS 7D Mark II ($1k - $1.3k on eBay)

This camera is going to be a big step up from the Rebel in terms of quality and really hones on in what Canon's professional series cameras are known for. I've got admittedly limited experience shooting on this body, but have found it to be similar to the 5d Mark III (listed below) but with a few specific shortcomings, especially when it comes to shooting in low light.

Favorite: Canon EOS 5D Mark III ($1.8k-2.2k on eBay) 

This is what we've been shooting with for the past two years and honestly it's one of the best purchases we've ever made. The image quality is insane, it does remarkably well in low light, and the video quality is perfect for the short videos we make for Instagram. While it's rather expensive, this camera combined with the 24-105mm lens has been perfect for our lifestyle photos and really given us the ability to take magazine quality photos. 


If you've got specific questions, feel free to comment below or shoot us an email to hey [@] probablythis.com!