NOLA Donut Delivery Date

There are probably not a lot of people who would eat an entire platter of assorted donuts from three different places all at once and then post about it on the Internet. But we did it in the name of research, to find out what this whole Postmates thing is about! Oh the good we do. 

SO, here's the T: Postmates is a delivery app that apparently been delivering all kinds of things to all kinds of people all over the country, and now they're in New Orleans.They asked us to try out the app to see how we like it and to get ourselves some yummy foods. It's pretty cut and dry: download the app, pick the things out in the world you don't want to leave home for, have them brought to your door in a relatively short amount of time.

Ok, so step one of using this thing is to just calm yourself down. They deliver anything from anywhere. Take that in for a second. Anything. From anywhere. We're talking having to choose between a super burrito from Felipe's and a super burrito from Juan's and any New Orleanian can tell you that isn't an easy decision to make. So after we spent twenty minutes hyperventilating in bed trying to pick the perfect thing, we thought it best to settle on a theme and go from there. Donuts. Duh. We should also probably mention they deliver things that aren't food, too (deodorant from Walgreens, a mop from Lowe's, etc.) but it's us, and our motto is "if we can't eat it, we don't care about it." Ok that's definitely not our motto but maybe it should be. 

So donuts! Once the theme was picked it got much easier. We definitely need to have a few tried and true beignets from Cafe du Monde and we kinda maybe wanted to see if the whole delivery thing would totally ruin the delicate powder sugar covered pillows of love. As evidenced by these photos, our beignets arrived at our front door in totally tip-top condition, ready to smear our faces/shirts/floors with powdered sugar and fill our stomachs with nostalgia and childhood memories and all that stuff. Pretty much an ideal scenario.

Next was District Donuts. We've always had a love/hate relationship with District because we love their donuts but we hate the fact that we have to wait the entire car ride home to crawl in bed and watch Netflix with Fox. We ordered 6 assorted donuts and even got to give special instructions on what kind we wanted! It felt a little weird typing into the instructions section "anything pink, chocolate, with sprinkles or notably gay will do" but it worked! Now our relationship with District is strictly love/love. Note on this: the cookie dough filled donut is DOPE.

When we went to pick out what our last order would be, we were thinking maybe just some iced coffees to help balance out the sugar crash but then we somehow ended up ordering eight churros and also maybe two brownies. They're not technically donuts, but they're basically donuts. This is suddenly feeling shameful, but um yeah the churros were actually amazing. They were even still warm because the kind cuties at Felipe's put them in like an aluminum foil death grip that kept in all that hot fresh goodness and cinnamon sugar!

Anyhow, we're counting our Postmates donut date from home a huge success, and they're letting us give out a discount code (probablythis) for $50 credit towards your delivery fee to help celebrate! Talk soon, sweeties!

Thanks so much to Postmates for sponsoring our donut date! We're super into the app and can't wait to never ever leave the house literally ever. Ever. All opinions are our own!