DIY Cute AF Office Nook!

Unlike our friends out in Los Angeles and San Francisco and New York... we've got one little problem with our house: it's too big. Sure, everything around us is crumbling in 90% humidity and the hell fire that is a New Orleans summer... and yeah maybe there's like no real infrastructure and the city lives in a state of chaos... but we've got a big apartment! 

Having a big apartment means we regularly lose Fox under blankets and beds and futons and that we sometimes "clean up" by just throwing anything (dirty clothes, KitchenAid mixers, dead plants) into a spare room that would make a truly very good application to Hoarders or MTV's future show True Life: I'm a Bad Gay

One of the benefits to having a big home, though, is that we can manage to both work from home and not end each day with a fist fight. We've actually got multiple offices and they just kind of rotate around the house. There's the office in these photos (my favorite office because of the light) and then there's the back room office/guest room situation, the coffee table office that is only an office before 10 am or after 10 pm but never when guests are over, the in-bed office that has a strict underwear-only dress code (HR hates us for that one), and the kitchen counter office which has a very bad reputation for covering laptops and notepads and humans in butter and flour and regret. 

We'll be focusing on the first and favorite office, though - the office nook. It's a cute way to utilize pretty much any corner in your room and it can be done for v cheap. We'll outline exactly what products we use in our office nook, but if you want to see how to make your own on a budget - we've got an article up on eBay that can help!

Our desk and chair are both from West Elm. We pretty much love everything from West Elm, but found the size of their Mid-century Mini Desk  in acorn finish to be perfect for squeezing into a corner of our living room (also, pssst, they have the same style in a really cute white finish!). The chair isn't really meant to be an office chair, but because it's in a space that's not really an office, we thought we should go with something kind of stylish. The one we have is a scoop back chair in walnut finish, and they've got a few really amazing finishes you can check out!

We don't need a lot of file storage, so our shelf space is purely decorative - just one hanging shelf from Lowe's that costs like $15 and does the trick real well. It doesn't take more then two screws to install, and leaves you wish a beautiful little shelf for stacking your favorites books and novelty shit on!

Add some green! We're not talking about weed - though that may make you feel like this is the COOLEST corner office ever, which is fine by us - we're talking about plants like peace lilies and English ivy and rubber tree and succulents! All of those cuties make reallll good indoor plants. We actually snagged that little pot in the corner from Lowes when we got our shelf and spent $10 on it! A close friend gave us the little rubber dinosaur succulent holder on the shelf, and you can learn how to make yours here. Seriously, it's v easy!

Finally, add in a few chachkies, vases, etc! We typically find our little nick nacks at local thrift stores and antique shops, but we also love browsing around on eBay and Etsy for those one of a kind pieces and handmade treasures. And that's all! We're always switching it up and adding and removing pieces, but for the most part these are the favorites that make up our home office!

See you later this week with a guide to our new favorite spots in New Orleans for the fall! Also, pssst, that's Molly's new book up there, Molly on the Rangeand it's so darn good we just keep it on the desk at all times for *inspiration*.