Summer Design Project Mood Boards

Matt and I have been living our best lives and are serving you full NateBerkusFantasy™ with loads of design work on our plate. A lot more than usual, actually, and it's been quite fun to flex that interior design muscle on such a large scale. We're working with a company called Sonder, which provides vacation rentals around the country. We're designing many of their apartments in New Orleans and by the end of this year there will be 30+ Probably This designed units. Putting that PT mark all over this damn city.

The whole process has been super fast paced and really exciting! Imagine you're going to have a baby and you've got an idea in your mind of what they'll look like, and then you have that baby and you get to see what the baby actually looks like and love it and cherish it and that image you maybe had before kind of fades and this new thing is just so much better. Now just replace the baby with a wall, or a bunch of walls, and you'll understand what we've been experiencing. Maybe we shouldn't have children.

Anyway what I'm saying is: a major part of our design process (well, everyone's design process) is creating mood boards, a way to digitally kinda sorta see what all the stuff you pick looks like next to each other. And then we use that mood board to handle ordering and installation of all the goodies for a given room. We've been using a really helpful mood board app called Morpholio Board, which lets you import items from sellers' websites and helps to organize everything in both board and list format. The one shitty part about this app is that it doesn't keep a running tally of the prices you input for each item, so you'll have to add up the prices of items yourself. I know it sounds pretty unnecessary but when you're doing multiple rooms at once and trying to keep within a budget framework it can be a real Debby Freaking Downer. Matt literally already sent them a sassy email about this because that's the kind of people we are, I guess.

We've got a few of our favorite design boards below, and eventually we'll have photos of the actual units! We've also included some of our favorite items we've come across while scouring the web for these rooms. Send us your thoughts, your harsh critiques, your questions, your job offers, your bank account login info, or sweet nothings: hey [@]

Design 1: Pretty in Pink + Gold Living Area

If you've followed our blog or Instagram for any amount of time, you know we love pink. In fact, every time we post a photo asking you guys to help us decide on an interior design decision, there's always a few smart asses who reply with "just make it all pink like always." Challenge accepted. 

This unit has an open floor plan, so Matt decided to kind of separate the living area from the kitchen and dining area with two adjacent pink walls. Pro tip: if you're worried about your pink being too "baby pink," go for something that has strong yellow tones, such as coral or salmon. Leaning towards the paler pinks is also a big help.

Matt found this green couch ($1,000 from Article) and it goes SO WELL with the pink and gold theme, and we're super happy with the quality and comfyness of it. It's great right next to this hammered brass coffee table ($130 from Target) and kind of brings in that Mid-century Modern vibe we're guilty of always going for. Check out a few of our favorite items from this room below - and click on the photos for product pages!


Design 2: Vaguely Southwestern Bedroom

With this room design I wanted to lean into some Southwestern vibes, in part because I've been really wanting to go back to the Southwest but Matt is making me wait until the spring. Life is unfair and the moments we have are fleeting.

This wallpaper is called Casa Milagros ($75/roll from Cavern Home) and is going on the headboard wall as an accent wall for the room. We've been doing a lot of accent walls for this project because they're a great way to add a pop of color without overwhelming the space, and they help cut down on the amount of art needed in a room. Anyone who's had to buy large amounts of art on a budget knows that it's easy to wind up with some not-so-great pieces that look much better online. 

We're using the Magazine Sconces ($70 from Sazerac Stitches) for the bedside lamps. These are the same sconces we have in our bedroom and are fantastic because the dual lights give a super vibrant but warm and cozy glow, perfect for reading and/or selfies.

The bed is called a Drommen Bed ($900 queen-size from CB2) and we unfortunately found out it was back ordered and won't ship in time for this room, but I'm leaving it here in the mood board because I just really like it and don't want to face reality. Also, at $900 it's definitely not *cheap*, but it is pretty reasonably priced as far as "fashion beds" go. Check out our favorites from the room below, and click on the photos for product pages!


Design 3: Boho Jungle Living Room

We've been obsessed with this Aja wallpaper in teal by Justina Blakeney ($180/roll from Hygge and West) for a while now, so we were freaking screaming (in a good way) when we had the opportunity to use it in a loft bedroom where - get this - it extends from the 1st floor living room to the second floor loft bedroom. It's kind of hard to imagine what we're talking about, but you'll see it in photos later and it's *takes three deep breaths with eyes tightly closed* awesome. 

We matched the jungle vibe with the throw pillows from Target and Fab, and brought in some comfort with this 7'6" x 9'6" shag rug ($309 from Rugs USA) which is actually just slightly different than the one in the mood board due to some issues with ordering. You'll notice we used the same TV table in this unit as we did in the pink unit at the top of this post - it's just a damn good piece and the price is kinda hard to beat for the quality. Finally, we've gone all trendy with the pineapple jar decor. Click the photos below for the product pages! We'll have some ACTUAL PHOTOS of these spaces coming to the blog in the next week or two!

Thanks for checking out these mood boards! We've got actual photos of the spaces coming your way!