Day 130 [05.10.2019]

~ just a selfie from a recent trip to Miami~

~ just a selfie from a recent trip to Miami~

We said at the beginning of the year we’d be using the blog to share more personal posts about daily life in an effort to further connect with the folks who have been so kind to give what we do any attention at all. We haven’t really been fulfilling that goal because we’re dumb humans and forget about things or they get pushed aside or we write entire posts like this and then press delete because they’re not interesting, to us. If you like personal posts like this, let us know in the comments.

Well, the plan was to go to the grocery, come home and drop off said groceries, and then go to dinner and head to a local brewery we’ve been wanting to go check out. Which, to us, is like a big Friday night at this point. But while we were at the grocery I said, “I’m tired” and Matt said “I’m hungry” and then we did that thing where we both looked at each other, silently hoping the other one will recommend we grab food and stay in. And I think Matt was the one to say it this time, but it happens so often that I honestly don’t remember. So we grabbed dinner and a six pack of beer and came home to call it a day. We’re not really “beer people” but for some reason going to a brewery sounded really freaking good so we just got some local beer for an * at home * brewery experience instead. It was, in retrospect, a great decision.

The last few days have been pretty productive. I’m the kind of person who never feels like they’ve accomplished anything, so I really have to go through my to-do list and check off things and tell myself “K you did it all, you’re not a lazy failure” in order to feel at ease. But, it’s actually most certainly been productive.

A lot of people who follow us online may not know what “productive” looks like for us, but usually it’s a mix of blog or Instagram work, real estate, and often some kind of photography job or working on an interior design project.

Matt spent part of the day putting together houses to show a real estate client who’s coming to town to look for a new home. It’s his second client he’s gotten who has been a blog reader, and those are his favorite clients because, well, most of the people who follow us are actually really nice and normal. So part of his day involved sifting through many many house listings online to find the right handful of ones to show. I love watching him work because he gets this wildly intense look on his face when he’s concentrating on a screen. Like, have you ever seen a teenager on their third hour of playing a video game? It’s kinda like that. Very focused, a little crazed, but getting things done.

While he was doing all that, I answered a backlog of emails about past, present, and future projects. I’m not sure if outlining exactly how blogger/brand partnerships work is interesting to anyone, so I won’t go too much into it. Basically though, it’s usually just a representative of a brand’s marketing agency talking to our management and then our management asking us if we’re OK with the terms of each deal. It’s relatively mundane, and I dunno, I can go into that more if anyone cares, but like I said, it’s pretty mundane.

Other than that, there’s been a hefty amount of errand running, which is my absolute least favorite daily task. But we’ve got a few makeover projects happening soon in our house, so errands had to be run…the most exciting of which involved picking up a chandelier for the dining space. We did immediately break one of the globes that covers the light bulb upon install and will now have to get that fixed. Life is always a two steps forward one step back thing for us.

Now we’re home, and Fox is completely asleep next to Matt. He’ll always fall asleep on whichever one of us is the most still. His life really is quite incredible. He’s got two work-from-home dads, eats organic grain-free dog food, gets several walks a day, and other than that just sleeps. The other night I said this dark nugget of truth—something like, “when Fox dies I won’t be sad, because he’s probably the only living thing in my life that I know has had an incredible, completely burden-free experience, so I’ll be at peace knowing that.” Matt was just kinda like “uh ok…”.


And now we’re winding down. I’m working on getting together stuff for Mother’s Day. We’re having over both of our moms for brunch on Sunday. I bought flowers that I tried to arrange nicely and then failed at arranging nicely so they’re sitting mangled next to me and I really could use a flower-gay to teach me how to make a nice bouquet happen. We’ll be making quiche, and our blueberry earl grey scones (these are holy shitballs amazing), and some kinda mimosa variant we haven’t fully agreed on yet.

And that’s all. This weekend will be, hopefully, fun and relaxing. If you’ve gotten through this post, thank you! Let us know if you like reading posts like this, or if there are any other things you’d like to see us write about in the future, or just what you’re up to today :)


Beau (and Matt also says hi from the couch)

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