Cardamom Cake + Life Update

cardamom cake
cardamom cake
cardamom cake

We're farmers!

Well, we're farmers in the sense that we currently live on a farm. An urban farm in Eastern New Orleans. There are chickens and okra and tomatoes and to us that's basically a farm. But the other people who live on the property are the ones who take care of it all.

We're not farmers.

But we're living in a farm cottage!

As you might know via Instagram or our road trip series on this blog, we've been bouncing around between homes for eight months, most of that time spent on a long road trip - starting in our hometown of New Orleans, going all the way up to California, and then back to Nola. So, that makes this farm cottage home #43 of the year and so far it is my favorite. It's not as cute as home #6 (our vintage camper Rosie that we traveled in) or as scenic as home #3 (a cruise ship) but it's WAY better then home #27 (Fresno AirBnB where I learned I hate Fresno) and it doesn't have any mold like home #38 (the Alamogordo Inn in Texas).

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This home, too, is temporary. And our next home, home #44, is going to be my favorite, and the most permanent. Come August we'll be moving a little out of the city into an apartment with 2 bedrooms and massive windows and a kitchen island and a gym and a pool and I cannot wait. Oh so yeah update we're going to have an actual home again soon!

We were looking at buying a home for the longest time, and then I remembered I'm 25 and can't handle that commitment especially because I'm not sure I want to be in New Orleans forever and also financially it would be a stretch. We were looking at moving to Los Angeles, or Southern California more generally, but Matt has been interested in pursuing real estate for a while now and it makes more sense for him to do it here then anywhere else. Oh, so yeah update Matt's getting his real estate license!

For now, though, this is our home. A small, cute, teeny, but bright little farm cottage on the river. It's quaint and sweet but definitely a temporary place to hang out while we wait for our apartment to open up in August. 

And that's it! We'll be staying in the New Orleans area for now, while we make our new place a home and Matt focuses on real estate agent stuff (or whatever it's called). The good news is that we will have a massive kitchen filled with light and many many recipes to come.

Finally the *rihanna voice* cake cake cake cake cake cake cake -- a recipe from Molly Yeh, a friend of ours who is having her first ever show Girl Meets Farm premier on the Food Network June 24th at 11 am / 10 CST. It's a cardamom vanilla cake with strawberry filling and cream cheese frosting and it's really good and sweet but not too sweet and if it wasn't weird to call a cake "refreshing," I'd call it refreshing. Here's her recipe!

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xoxo Beau

cardamom cake
cardamom cake