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Apple Fritter Doughnut Holes with Caramel Glaze

My favorite doughnut is without a doubt the apple fritter.  I feel like I should capitalize its name to give it full due respect but that would be silly.  The apple fritters I grew up eating were weirdly crispy, but also gooey on the inside and bursting with heinously artificial apple flavoring, which tasted like canned apple pie filling was just dumped into the batter.  I loved them...

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Dark Chocolate + Stout Bread Pudding

Bread + Chocolate + Beer 

I feel like that could be the title to my memoir.  "Bread + Chocolate + Beer: the Tragic Story of a Young Life Gone Terribly Awry."  But for realsies, this bread pudding is bomb.  It's super gooey, and when eaten warm it suddenly becomes the most satisfyingly comforting comfort foods of all time...

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