Summer #2 Cocktail

I'm holding onto summer with everything I've got. Like really, all twenty digits are gripping onto the little edges of this hot and sticky 5-month period we get every year in this little swamp town. And look, I know this is a pretty unpopular opinion. I know you all are looking forward to sweater weather and seasonal lattes, and I can't help but feel that your excitement is accelerating summer's end. So please, just stop it.

To be quite frank, yeah, sure, I like fall, too. But I love summer, even if I'm grossly outnumbered in the debate over New Orleans summers. It's honestly not even really a debate. Most people are just like, "UM NOPE," and crank up the A/C and read a book or see a movie, and I'm in a tank top and booty shorts wondering why nobody came to my picnic party. Well, apparently it's because 98° and 99% humidity isn't a combination other people find terribly pleasant. I find it soothing in a detoxifying kind of way. Needless to say, all of the people in my local life are likely reveling in the fact that Labor Day has passed and that we're well into September. Even though it's still unbearably hot for them, that means the consistently cool weather of October is just around the corner. Beau is itching for the first day the weather is lower than boiling point so he can do this weird fall ritual he does where he sings around a little saucepan cooking cloves, orange peels, and cinnamon, all for just the smell.

I just. Don't. Get it. I want to be drenched in sweat drinking grüner veltliner on a beach all year 'round. Sure, I like sweater shopping, but I don't want to have to wear a sweater. Anyway, as a sort of pre-goodbye to this year's dose of hot weather, I made this drink, the Summer #2. It's loosely based on the classic Corpse Reviver #2, and its name is supposed to establish that summer lives forever in my heart. (By "loosely based," I mean it's shares like only one of five ingredients but follows the same template as the Corpse Reviver #2.) I'm hoping it will soon revive the corpse of summer.

Seriously, though, there were a lot of drinks called the Corpse Reviver back in the day, and they were called that because they were generally made as hangover cures, and #2 just got that number for some random reason, but it's the one that's probably the most well known and arguably most delicious and best at its job. It's perfect. I'm in love with it. And when you love something very much, you change it. Recipe below!

Summer #2
Makes 1

  1. Prepare the serving glass by filling it with a bit of cracked ice and Chartreuse.
  2. Combine the remaining ingredients in a shaking tin.
  3. Swirl the serving glass so the inside is rinsed with Chartreuse. Discard excess Chartreuse and ice.
  4. Add ice to shaking tin and shake about 15-20 seconds, or just until the tin is frosted over.
  5. Double strain into Chartreuse-rinsed glass.
  6. Garnish with Luxardo cherry.