Probably This Week (July 11, 2019)

ptw july 11 2019

Hi friends. Beau here with your weekly update!

When you’re getting this, we’ll be flying into Los Angeles, where we’ll be for the next week just seeing friends and doing a few small work things. If all goes according to plan, the early morning flight will involve me mostly doing that thing where I fall asleep sitting up and then my head bobs back and forth and then I suddenly wake up in a panic and look around and ask Matt if he’s OK, before immediately falling back to sleep. That’s what most flights are like for us, at least. I’m maybe leaving out the part about the drool.

I hope this past weekend was long and relaxing for you, whether that means a good book or cleaning out the house or getting a little day-drunk at the beach. Last week for us was fantastic and covered in sand and chlorine. We visited family at the beach and there were roughly 30 games of Marco Polo played, a dozen backflips on the trampoline (side note: remind me to never go on a trampoline again), and a night on the beach just staring up at the stars.

Then we came back home and had a few friends over for lunch and pool time. Matt insisted that everyone “can eat at least 3-4 hotdogs” so he bought 20 and now have a small stockpile of hotdogs to last us in case Armageddon happens. Which is always comforting.

Other than that, we made our favorite sangria and did a whole blog post about it (it’s got rosé and grapefruit and it’s magic). There’s also a new post all about layering rugs!! It’s a design trend we initially resisted, but now we think everyone needs layered rugs everywhere in all parts of their lives. So read more about that.

Speaking of, our living room design and decoration is DONE! Well, it’ll never be “done” but it’s at a point where we feel comfy showing it to you and everyone else. That’ll be on the blog soon! Lots of pinks and yellow and natural tones and plants…shocker.

Weekly Reading:

First: These seven girlfriends in China made a pact to retire and die together, and so they bought and renovated their retirement home and it’s GORGEOUS. And also what an amazing idea? I’d love to just live with all my best friends once I’m an old lady. Read more via The Shanghaiist

And then: A group of slaves escaped from the South to freedom in Mexico generations ago and their descendants still live as a community of now entirely Spanish-speaking people—but they’ve retained the English-language slave hymns passed down through the years. Read more via Washington Post

But also: People always ask us if we’re married, and if not when will we be. Marriage is an awesome thing if that’s what you want and what serves you, and we’ll likely get married one day, but the expectation is bizarre to me. We both grew up thinking marriage would never be possible for us (reminder: it’s only been an option in the US since 2015), and now that it is “legal,” it’s not like we’re suddenly yearning for it. The intense value put around marriage, and a nuclear family, has always been curious to me. Read more: The Case Against Marriage via The Atlantic

Because you’re hungry: Salads are good! They are better with bacon and crunchy bread. Read more: BLT Salad Recipe via Food 52

Finally: I see some crazy shit on the internet, but most of what I’m seeing has already been subjected to content moderators—folks around the world in offices big and small who comb through every post that hits Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. So, like, what must they be seeing every day that’s not even making it through to me??? What’s that life like? Short answer…weird. Read more: The Underworld of Online Content Moderation via The New Yorker

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Thanks for stopping by the blog, have a lovely weekend ahead!

xoxo Beau (& Matt!)