October's Giveaway!

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One of our local favorites is letting us giveaway something really really awesome! Kirsten of Sazerac Stitches builds hand crafted light fixtures in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. Along with her husband, Matt, Kirsten has come up with amazing designs for sconces, chandeliers, and lamps and they are all intensely beautiful. The couple recently fitted our living room with this awesome 5-prong chandelier, and now they're letting us give away one to you guys! It's super easy to install (took maybe 5 minutes) and really did the trick of turning our only kinda decent living room into something really cute. We love it outfitted with the Edison bulbs, which emit a beautiful warm glow at night time. 

To be honest we tend to be lazy when it comes to making changes around the house, mostly because we're actually just lazy people, but also because we're renters and the thought of putting money into a home that's not ours makes us go, "lol nah". This piece, though, is incredibly simple to install and uninstall, meaning we can easily take it with us when we leave. We only had to take down the original fan and light, and five minutes later we had this guy sitting in our ceiling. Kirsten was able to customize the down rod length to be the perfect height, and whoever wins this giveaway will receive one with a customized length as well, meaning you won't have to make any adjustments for it to fit your living room.

Ok, cuties, the giveaway entry instructions are at the top of this post! Good luck!

Some of our other favorites from Kirsten include the "Stella Chandelier" and the "Cadiz Pendant" - check out her full site to see all of our her stuff!



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