London Fog Almond Milk Latte

Most of my mornings start by slamming three jumbo cups of coffee into my mouth until I'm confident even another drop is gonna cause my heart to fail.  And then I go for a nice gym session and take a hot shower. Lovely.

I'll be the first to say this is probably super unhealthy and I should definitely stop but I've got a pretty addictive and obsessive personality so to be honest it's not going to stop any time soon. What I HAVE done though is cut out afternoon coffee and replaced it with tea. Usually it's earl grey tea, which still has some caffeine but isn't as heavy as coffee. One of my favorite ways to drink it is as a tea latte such as the London Fog (no shit hence this whole post). I first had a London Fog in high school, during the days when I would chain smoke outside of this grungy coffee shop uptown and pretend to be punk while sipping a god damn tea latte infused with lavender and made with, at the time, unsweetened (V IMPORTANT) soy milk. I've changed a lot.  

The angsty barista who served the tea lattes to me did a pretty good job of crafting them but I feel like this one is way better because it has a lil' rose water and a perfectly gentle touch of mild, non-syrupy, sweetness. There are about as many variations to be made on this beverage as there are teas, nut milks, and flavor additives combined, so feel free to run wild! Use coconut milk, or rice milk (woah girl calm down), or even add a small splash of vanilla! 

You can find the recipe for this latte up on Susty Party's website alongside those cute lil star-speckled go-cups! Thanks to Susty Party for sponsoring this post, and as always, all opinions are our own. 

Other life updates: We're still real busy being working girls, I'm working on a Valentine's Day post even though I kinda hate V day, Fox keeps begging us to never leave the bed, and I've eaten about two large links of Italian sausage in the time it's taken me to write this post.  Happy happy day to you!