Introducing Probably This Collection

Probably This Collection is now alive and a thing and THIS IS VERY WEIRD. Most of our online life has been producing content that sweet humans across the world can read and interact with, but there was never anything tangible about it. But now, there is!

OK so what is Probably This Collection? Probably This Collection is the name of our seasonal collections that we design in collaboration with small makers around the country. We’re starting really small here, with our first collection coming from collaborative works with just three makers. The process for designing and curating this first collection was simple. Items must: be something we really love and want to see in our own home/lives, accessibly priced for diverse income levels, and nothing that would act as clutter—we’re not gonna sell trinkets here, and everything should have a utility.

So, here it is! You can find each item below, as well as our reasoning for making and including it, and a bit about each maker; or, jump straight to the shop and get your spend on, honey!

item No. 1

Big Comfy Sweater in NAVY OR LIGHT PINK

We created these simple, no frills sweaters in collaboration with New York based graphic designer Gabi Lavi of Pink Sundays Studio. These sweaters are so cozy and comfy, and the perfect thing to wear around the house on a Netflix night, which is pretty much every night for us.

The story: since Beau was in college, he’s had an oversized Loyola University sweater that was kind of tattered but he wore it every night because it was so comfortable. And so when we were thinking of items we love and want in our lives, something big and comfy to wear at night was a must! So, that’s where the name came from - it’s a big, comfy, sweater. They’re made of a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend and have been pre-shrunk. The sizes are unisex, but for reference we wear a medium & large kind of interchangeably.

More on Gabi & her work: Gabi Lavi is a graphic designer and the owner of Pink Sundays Studio. Inspired by all things pop culture, wellness, and everyday life, she loves using both typography and minimalist illustrations to create designs that will make people smile and make a statement. Pink Sundays is a small, woman owned business that works to spread a message of empowerment, self-love and overall good vibes! Everything is designed and printed with love in NYC.

item No. 2

Weiner Doodle Handmade Catchall (in 5” & 7”)

This piece was designed in collaboration with an amazing ceramicist and one of our closest friends, Drew Schenck of Drew Schenck Studio in Philadelphia. It’s perfect for holding your keys, wallet, glasses, etc when you walk in the door, but it also serves as a statement piece and conversation starter. It takes something risque (a penis) and through this doodle-esque design becomes something that is quite “cute” which is a weird word to use for a weiner, and exactly what we had hoped for. It’s 100% handmade out of stoneware, and the weiner “doodle” is actually hand-carved into the piece, and then filled in with paint. So there’s a lot of amazing texture going on here, and of course, each piece is unique and small variations and imperfections are to be expected.

The story of how it came to be: Drew gifted us a catchall he made, like, four years ago, and he had drawn a big blue penis on it, and we loved it. And every time we had friends over and someone saw it, they’d be like, “that catchall has a penis on it!!!”. So, when we first started designing this collection, we knew some variation on this famous penis plate had to be included.

More on Drew & his work: Drew Schenck is an artist, designer, and educator. He crafts each piece by hand using traditional production techniques. Drew’s work is clean and contemporary - he employs simple shapes with a focus on pattern and surface. As a maker, he has a background in both sculpture and ceramic design. As an educator, he works with a wide variety of communities, including schoolchildren, elderly adults, adults with disabilities, and incarcerated youth.

item No. 3

Good Morning & Good Night Essential Oil Roll On Blends

We created these essential oil blends in collaboration with Jennifer Strain at Good Fortune Soap & Spa in Chattanooga, Tennessee. These blends come in a small (10 ml) bottle with a roller-ball head that allows you to roll the oils right onto your skin, massaging it in to your neck or dabbing onto your wrist. The blends are diffused into fractured coconut oil, and feel like a little bit of luxury you can have every day.

Our Good Morning scent is a great way to start a fall or winter day, with sandalwood lavender, vetiver, and clove. It’s slightly sweet and bright, while still having a woodsy smell to it. Our Good Night scent is meant for use right before getting in bed, to slow you down and chill you out. It’s heavy on the lavender, cedar wood, and amyris, with notes of vanilla and orange to balance it out. If you’re like us, you’ll be hooked on using them both daily, and always smell incredible.

The story: We were visiting good friends outside of Chattanooga and wound up meeting a fantastic woman named Jen who introduced us to Good Fortune Soap’s roll on blends! And we fell in love with them, and a few months later were working on our own custom blend. And now you can have them!

More on Jennifer & her work: Jennifer Strain took a leap of faith in 2006, quit her corporate job as an art director, and started Good Fortune Soap. The headquarters is located in Chattanooga, TN where she continues to handcraft over 100 different healing products such as soaps, lotions, essential oil blends, and organic skincare with a dedicated staff. Their storefront embodies all of her passions and offers an organic spa, a make-and-take essential oil bar, and a relaxing Airbnb set to open above the store in 2019. They focus on self-care, healing ingredients, hospitality, and deliver it all in beautifully packaged goods!

And that’s all! Thanks for stopping by. You can check out the full shop at the button below <3

xoxo Beau & Matt