Inside the Spring / Summer Probably This Collection

spring tote
pink shotgun home, framed print
spring collection
spring collection
spring collection
rose candle spring

Our newest collection is finally a real thing and tbh we really fucking love it. It’s got our favorite things — canvas totes, comfy clothes in our favorite colors, candles that smell like floral heaven, a framed print of our old pink home that we adored living in, and also literally a hat embroidered with an image of Fox, who is our #1 nonhuman creature.

As with the last collection, this one came to life via collaborations with some of the most incredible and talented people we know. Kyla and Jill from Our Wild Abandon took the photo of Fox that Gabriella from Pink Sundays Studio used to create a graphic for embroidery—and the Fox Fan Club Embroidered Cap was born. Matt Crump of @mattcrump and @candyminimal fame took a photo of our old pink shotgun house in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans, which is now The Pink House, Framed Print. Jane of Xodo Botanicals worked with us to create flowery scents that fit our description of “florals but with some funk” and the Rose Candle and Jasmine Candle were born. And then, we used our little minds to design the Florals” cap, tee, and sweater, as well as the “Better Homo” Canvas Tote.

Check out our collaborators: Our Wild Abandon, Pink Sundays Studio, Matt Crump, Xodo Botanicals.

And we love all of it! Even though these collections are small and relatively simple—we never imagined we’d be the type of people who can take ideas we have and turn them into physical products to share with anyone who’s interested. We were pretty much shocked at how many items we sold from the last collection, but honestly even if nothing sold we still would have considered it a success because we legitimately had a blast. Would we have done another collection if the last one didn’t sell at all? HAHAHA hell no this stuff takes so much time—so thank you for your support, your purchases, and spreading the word about our little collection all over the internet. Check out more photos and links to our items below, you lovely little thing.

Xoxo Beau and Matt

better homo canvas tote
spring collection
spring collection
fox cap