Harvest Ice Cream Sundae

Do you guys think it's weird that I put sweet potato in ice cream?  I was kinda hesitant to even try it, but it was Matt's idea and usually his ideas end up being really great, like that time he tried making a peanut butter cocktail, or when he convinced me to get an Android cell phone instead of an iPhone. OK, actually, those are bad examples.  Those were both terrible ideas. 

But, usually, when Matt has an idea for a food combination that I think is a bit off the wall, it turns out really amazing, so I was like yeah sure I'll put a potato in ice cream, why not? It's incredible. Basically, it has the same fall spice flavor thing going on as most pumpkin desserts around this time of year, but with a rich sweet potato flavor.  Oh, and I added some bourbon, cream cheese, and brown sugar because health is stupid and if I'm going to make an ice cream sundae, I want as many complementary flavors present as possible.  

We topped these guys off with white chocolate sauce and crushed pralines, which, if you haven't had them before, are a New Orleans classic candy made of brown sugar, butter, and pecans.  They're definitely way too sweet in a delicious way, and have a chewy but slightly crunchy texture.  We went ahead and served them in these cute yellow Susty Party bowls, because, well they're super cute and played well with the "harvest" color scheme.  You can find the recipe for these sundaes here, and details for a code to save on Susty Party purchases below.  

Have a good week, cuties.


Get the recipe for these sundaes here or head over to Susty Party's website and use the code "probablythis" for $10 off your purchase.  Susty Party makes environmentally-friendly disposable dinnerware and sources manufacturers who employ the blind, which we think is super cool.    

Thanks so much Susty Party for sponsoring this post!  All opinions are our own.

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