eBay, Lately: Deals on Coach, Ray-Ban, Levi's, and Patagonia

You guys! We've been getting our bodies ready for the spring / summer with copious amounts of online shopping and trips to the gym where Matt lifts a bunch of stuff and I catch up on Instagram and Jezebel articles. It's been a fantastic few weeks. 

To help prepare your end of winter/early sping outfits and fashionz, we've started working with eBay to be on the look out for sweet deals on a few of our favorite brands that we can then share with y'all here! Our favorite trick to online shopping is check out your desired brand's website, shop a bit and find some things you love, and before purchasing anything go ahead and check eBay to see if it's available at a discount. We're all about gently used or good-as-new products that come for half the price tag - cause then we get to spend more on wine and pints of Halo Top (the gayest thing to ever happen to ice cream). Check out some of the articles we've put together on how to make out like a bandit on eBay and let us know if you come across any hot deal you're not gonna take cause then we will!!! This is all about helping each other out ;)


We found a whole selection of modern Ray-Bans with circle lenses and hipster frames and all of our favorite things all in one. For like, pretty cheap. Check it: here!



Other than truly summer-ready bodies, something else we never thought we'd have is a freaking Coach bag. Because those are only for the buff gay Beverly Hills realtors on TV, not for us. Turns out that's false and we actually found some half-priced Coach backpacks we're living/dying for. Check it: here!



Levi's denim jackets: vintage, new, sherpa-lined, light weight, dark wash, light wash. Y'all. Check it: here!



Honestly our favorite Patagonia find on eBay was those vintage bright colored Patagonia pants that everyone's dad wore in the 80s with the mustaches and the ski trips and that whole thing. We're talking outerwear, for cheap! Check it: here!

That's all for now, cuties. This is part of a multi-post series collaboration with eBay, so check back at the end of the month to see what else we've found!