Breakfast in Bed: The Essentials

You guys, as seen on the cover of Elle Magazine* and all over our Instagram, we've got this whole lazy heathen breakfast in bed thing down to a science. It's simple: we love not leaving bed and we also love breakfast, so, it's a two birds one stone kind of situation. It's actually really a three birds one stone situation because we also love not leaving Fox and breakfast in bed means we don't have to. Lots of dead birds happening here.

*No not true this is false

So, the down-low is that our favorite breakfast in bed often involves breakfast that we're not actually really truly making. Yeaaaah, we do fancy French toast for holidays or special long mornings, and we'll even dive into the world of waffles etc on occasion, but our run of the mill favorite breakfast in bed comes in the form of little pastry friends, bought the night before from the local bakery, ready to be toasted and smeared with (too much) butter before being inhaled. Pretty much anything flaky and buttery will do. We'll also add some chopped fruit, and maybe a soft-boiled egg with a few pieces of toast. If we're feeling not super poor, we'll maybe snag some lox and cream cheese early in the week and pile it all over a bagel. Mornings are meant to be easy, you guys. 

So, step one: pick your carb. Croissants are a good way to go. But so are muffins. And bagels and banana bread. Basically anything that can be pointed to through a glass window in your bakery will do here, guys. OK, next, please have adequate sweet spread-like things ready to go. Maybe you're a marmalade kinda girl, or maybe preserves are your thing. Whatever it is, have it, and maybe have multiple different flavors because we're talking luxury and luxury means different jams or jellies or marmalade or preserves with each different bite, OK? Great. Next, fruit or whatever. We never really eat the fruit but you should include some fruit because you're going to want to Instagram this breakfast in bed scenario and people need to think you're vaguely responsible. Optional add in for bonus points: some kind of egg or protein situation. We're suckers for a soft boiled egg with a runny yolk to dunk toast into, but a few slices of bacon will also do. 

And there you have it - throw in your tea or coffee and, maybe a literal chunk of a Christmas tree if you're feeling festive but also lazy - you've got breaky in bed! If you're a newsletter subscriber, you got last week's gift guide and likely saw a few of the products on this post in the guide. We're talking our favorite in comfort here with a West Elm Belgian Linen Duvet and an oversized Turkish blanket from Loomed. We typically turn to our Chemex (pictured) for when we want to get fancy with a pour over coffee, and that cute retro toaster is from SMEG. If you make your own comfy cozy breakfast in bread morning moment, let us know by posting it to Instagram with the hashtag #probablythis. See you cuties next week - maybe we'll have left the bed by then!

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